Canadian QB Development Program

Don't you think its time the CFL launced a Canadian QB development program with the highschool and universitie organizations across the county. Let's face it, we have a "Canadian" football league where less than half the players are Canadian. Football in this country needs a longer term vision which includes Canadian QBs...I'm really hoping Gee Gees QB Josh Sacobie gets a shot. :cowboy:


My Mustangs skinned Sacobie during his trip to Western. What a great game, Western coming back in the fourth to win!

More than half the players on each CFL team are Canadians. If they are good enough, they will play. While I encourage Canadians to aspire to be QB's, there is no need for a longterm vision to develop Canadian QB's for the CFL, or for any other position. There are plenty of good QB's available, with hundreds of NCAA QB's graduating every year.

This is not the 1st topic on how to "promote" Canadian QB's...

Teams should have incentive to sign Canadian QB :

I.e.: Salary doesn't count vs Cap...

It's not just Josh Sacobie that could have a shot, but also Benoit Groulx from Laval U (in 1 or 2 years IIRC).

I must admit that I don’t follow CIS football that closely, so I was just using Sacobie as an example given the buzz about him. But seriously, my guess is that a QB accustomed to playing Canadian football would have a better sense of the game then one reared on American football. :cowboy:

I see where your coming from and support your position, however my views may be a little more vested in reality. America has roughly 10x the population of Canada, and the Football system in the States is much more thorough than what we have in place in Canada at the moment. Canadian's can compete for the job and many have, with success stories to boot. The population difference and statistics dictate that many QB's and any other positions on our teams will be American. There is nothing wrong with that, I am a huge fan of the ratio system which allows our Canadian talent to shine where they may not have gotten the chance. But, you can talk about Canada this and America that, what it all boils down to is that this is 'Our League' and I welcome any player to it, regardless of nationality.

Yesterday McGill QB Matt Connell had a huge passing performance. His passing to date is 10 059 yards which is a CIS record. I would like to see a Canadian QB get a realistic chance to make a CFL team. Russ Jackson Who was QB for Ottawa in the 60's was one of the greatest QB's of all time. I hope all Canadian CIS QB's who make a name for themselves should be given an opportunity to get a realistic tryout in the CFL. Jackson was all Canadian and could win games either with the pass or run. Given the opportunity other Canadian QB's should be given a realistic tryout in the CFL.

I hope the Riders give Teale Orban a real shot at making the team next year, I think he can play in this league.


It would be smart marketing to have CFL teams develop Canadians QB.

I am speculating but I think the QB’s in the CIS might be a bit rawer then the guys that played in the NCAA. In a world where the head coach’s job is on the line every season they don’t tend to want to have to many projects on their rosters. The best incentive to have them develop a Canadian QB is to not have the Canadian QB’s salary partially or fully count against the cap.

Personally I would love to see a Canadian at playing pivot.

or we could try to improve our coaching & minor football associations.. sound like a plan to you? :roll:

Maybe, but not as a QB…

I don’t yet remember a CIAU/CIS QB who came out with the necessary physical skills to play the position in pro. They seem to have a chronic lack of physical stature or arm strength. Now, I know, Doug Flutie, Doug Flutie, but he’s the one in a million, and he happened to be an American.

What they should do is count a Canadian QB as a Canadian for ratio purposes. Right now, that doesn’t even happen, which baffles me. Then if a Canadian kid shows some potential, teams could keep him as a #3 and he counts against the ratio. Right now, if US kids come up here way ahead of their northern counterparts, and both are ratio-neutral, there is ZERO incentive to keep the one who’s behind.

CIS football is Good Football, They Just need to play more games, to give their player sufficient reps.! IMHO a Teal urbane or Josh Sacobie, or another Great CIS qb Dan Branagan Are all just as good as a Chang or Eaken

The Riders drafted Orban last year. He got into the dying minutes of a preseason game and completed 1 of 1 pass (they mark it incomplete but he was definately in bounds :wink: ). Whether or not they'll legitimately give him a shot I highly doubt, seeing as they didn't give either Hughes or Foord a shot when Cates was out. I still see it as a PR move but we'll see what happens.

I think he could make it as a QB, given a proper chance to develop, but I agree that without QBs counting against the ratio that nobody will give him that chance because as you say there's no incentive to keep a QB that's behind. It's stupid that Canadian QBs don't count towards the ratio.

Personally I think if a Canadian player is good he will get his shot, but why settle for mediocrity. This is an elite league after all.

re- "It's stupid that Canadian QBs don't count towards the ratio." ? Could this be a legal issue?

I think the issue is often times they are completely written off without getting a chance simply because they are Canadian or played in the CIS.

There are some good points here. First, I am sure the league could do more to have stronger linkages between its teams and the CIS/High Schools, like QB camps, mentorship programs, maybe even a small fund. Second, I've always wondered if the presence of American coaches creates a bias against CIS QBs. Third, I agree that a player must earn his spot on the team but lets face it, the CFL has a quota system already. :cowboy:

Well, it does, but not at the QB position. Here, Canadian Qb’s are treated worse than a Canadian player at every other position. I don’t think you have to make teams carry a Canadian QB, but if one does, there’s no reason that player shouldn’t count as a Canadian.