Canadian QB Brandon Bridge released by MTL

I'm not disagreeing with you.
Toronto is not a football town but Bridge will not sell more Argo tickets than Tebow or Manziel.

there will be a great deal of publicity if the Argos signed Tebow or Manziel followed by an increase in ticket sales to some degree but any gain will quickly subside if they prove to be failures up here as I would expect.

a Bridge signing in Toronto will get as much attention as stale bread.

Where and how often did you see him play to come to that conclusion?

I wouldnt put it passed him to sell tickets based on his celebrity, which is minimal, but if he did come to Toronto, he would be a hometown boy. If there were a scenario where he were to be formed/ tutored into a starting quarterback by Milanovich, you could easily make him into the franchise player.

Unlikely however.

Because he wasn't good enough to be considered a good prospect. If he was a legit potential starter Popp would never had made the Adams trade.
Bridge looked 10 tines better than the midget.

Popp pooped the bed again asking a player to take a pay cut or was that a play cut? Bridge looked better than the other stiffs the Als have at QB... but wait, isn't Crompton ready to come off the 6-gamer? we know the rest of the story. :o

Sure, had he played the last game the Als would have easily won.

Your bang on.

Bridge was AWFUL at short yardage. Like, consistently awful. If you think this release is shocking or surprising, you haven't been following the team at all.

According to Popp, Bridge was in the final year of his contract and did not want to sign an extension. So they cut him loose. Why on earth would they keep a guy who doesn't want to be around past this season? Might as well throw that investment time into Adams.

So far this year, Brandon Bridge has attempted a total of 0 passes. In the pre-season, he threw a total of 3 times which was the same number as the two CIS quarterbacks who were on the roster just to get experience. Als clearly sent the message as early as the pre-season that Bridge's role in 2016 was not going to be throwing the ball.

don't tell me Popp is going to keep Crompton on the active roster.
He should be released the SAME DAY that he comes off the IR as he is the worst QB on that team and is just taking up valuable CAP space.

any other QB who's MO is to pitch the ball in traffic and hope for the best would have been toast long long ago.
Calvillo needs to spend more time developing Adams than wasting precious time/resources with this guy.

Adams looks like a midget deer caught in headlights. Just a complete and utter waste of a first round pick.
Popp has wasted two years of the best Canadian prospect in decades.
Why the CFL didnt force a trade in the preseason is a huge loss for this league.
The league should do everything in their power to have this guy starting somewhere. Whether its in Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, or Toronto, this assest should not be squandered.

I think that is exactly what he is going to do.
Toss out Bridge.
Six game Adam for a "practice concussion" Which looks very suspicious. In any case Adams development is pretty much frozen.

He's moving money around to bring back Crompton who comes off the IR after this week's game.

The hell with the future when the GM is trying to save the HC's job.

Vernon Adams is now on the active roster.


That's an interesting way to put it, but pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

Nobody in Toronto is interested in watching anyone play football including the NFL

Vernon Adams is the worst QB in the league since Kevin Federik

I'm sure someone will pick him up and take a flyer on him.

Gonna keep reposting this until the wingnuts stop. :lol:

Did you ever stop to consider that maybe Popp released him so that Bridge could now sign with an NFL team?

Bridge would be a great fit in Denver with the Broncos. He could compete with Mark Sanchez to see which one is the most pathetic short yardage QB.

Disappointing, hoped he would get a chance.
Last year, he outplayed Cato in the preseason, and he ended up behind Cato.
this year Adams bombed in the preseason, and he looks like he will be replacing Bridge.

Other than Cato's first game last year, he hasn't shown anything more than Bridge, and he has gotten alot more opportunities.

Unfortunately, it looks like Bridge was just another Popp signing to garner headlines. He seems to sign a Canadian QB every year, but they are released or changed postition soon after.

I have seen some really bad American Qb's get multiple chances over many years and remain in the league. However, a CDN QB seems to get 1 shot or part of a shot, then they are gone.