Canadian QB Brandon Bridge released by MTL

Didier Orméjuste
The Alouettes have released Canadian QB Brandon Bridge. @CFL

Not surprising

No accuracy and no ability to read coverage - - that's a one-way ticket to the scrap heap.

The only "surprise" is that Montreal wasted this much time carrying the guy.

The straw that broke the camel’s back wasn’t his passing ability but his complete inability to run the short-yardage package despite his size and frame. He was awful at QB sneaks last year, and hadn’t improved at all this year. That was his one job to secure this season and he failed at it. No surprise that he’s been released. I wish him the best but his time in MTL was done.

He will be picked up soon and be a starter.

Justin Dunk
#Alouettes ask Canadian QB Brandon Bridge to take pay cut, release him when he declines

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I'm sending him a contract offer right now.

Chris Jones

A pay cut? You mean Jim Popp was paying this guy more than a minimum salary?!?

He should have taken the pay cut. He was dealing from a position of zero leverage. He has been godawful in short yardage this year and he knows we have a good prospect in Adams ready to return shortly. Who's going to pay him more than what we're going to pay him, given the little he's shown in the CFL?

He could easily bring 5000 extra fans solely because of his birth certificate. He will be an Argo by tomorrow.

if he was an American then I'd agree with you.
A Tebow or Manziel would sell more seats in Toronto than a Brandon Bridge.

other CFL cities may be more welcoming to Bridge though.

You can't be serious with those comments.

Nobody in Toronto was interested in coming out to see Ricky Williams with the Argos - - why would anyone be interested in a no-talent scrub like Tebow or a down-and-out addict like Manziel?

Winnipeg should call him. Nichols will crap out next game.
If by some miracle Nichols paned out, they should pick up Bridge for insurance. The Bombers could cut Willy and have tons of cap space to fill holes.

I'd like to see him get a chance and start a game somewhere. Didn"t see much of him in Montreal.

He started a game last season . Threw for 220 with 2TDs and 0 Ints

Torontonians don't give a flying fig that Bridge is a Canadian citizen and will not sell 5,000 extra tix if the Argos signed him.
and yes, Tebow and Manziel are bums but would still sell more tickets (initially anyway) than Bridge if signed.

in addition, Williams was nowhere near the celebrity status of these two guys and being an RB does not carry the same weight as the most prominent position of all, the QB.

Not sure what part of the country you're from, but I can assure you that Torontonians don't give a "flying fig" about Canadian born football players OR American born football players.

Football is to Toronto what hockey is to Florida. And hockey is to Toronto what football is to Florida.

That's the cold hard reality, my friend. Doesn't matter what league or what level - - Toronto is NOT a football city.

So why didn't he get another start? Because he's Canadian?

In a game without meaning against a horrid team with even less motivation than Montreal. It was roughly like looking great in the 4th quarter of an exhibition game.

A QB who can’t even figure out how to run a QB sneak is not a hot prospect.
Someone will offer a practice roster spot, that will pay a pittance. He might get on a roster if the team is desperate enough but doubt he will ever be a starter or even a good #2.

Because he wasn't good enough to be considered a good prospect. If he was a legit potential starter Popp would never had made the Adams trade.

This guy was bad from the get go and only got worse.