Canadian Punters Suck!!!

You can sure tell a difference with Setta punting tonight in Ham... just how bad the punting has been so far in the Cal/Sask game is embarrasing. 30 yards seems to be the average tonight... As far as I'm concerned neither one of these guys has any business playing pro ball.... Honestly if you are giving up an entire first down every time you punt the ball, then it's time to burn an import spot.
P.S. Congi and Deangelis are amazing (Canadians as well)

so then Canadian Punters dont **** do they?

DeAngelis and Congi are field goal kickers.... Borham and Dales are the punters.

What's this, Blin making another negative comment about people associated with the CFL? Same crap, different day.

you brought them up

I brought them up because I'm making a point that not all Canadian kickers suck... just alot of them.
Noel Prefontaine is the only duel Canadian kicker who deserves both jobs. McCallum does not deserve to be a punter... Dales does not deserve to be a punter...Borham does not deserve to be a punter...and Vanderjact does not deserve to be a punter.
Now look at the American kickers... Duval and Setta both punt and kick field goals very well. Serna seems to be a good field goal kicker... His punting is lousy but still better then Dales and Borham and is probably on par with Vanderjact and McCallum.
TSN blabbermouths are always telling us that special teams are 1/3 of the game... If this is true then teams should start considering burning 3 import spots on special teams... One for a returner...another for a field goal kicker and yet another one for a punter..
This would actually be good for Canadians because Canadians would get shots at skilled positions such as DB

It had nothing to do with their nationalities, the simple fact was that there was quite a breeze blowing one direction, and when you punt into the wind, usually it doesn't go as far.

Of course the one punt that Boreham absolutely killed, had to have been at least 70 yards all in the air doesn't count because Calgary had an illegal substitution on the play.

It's sometimes good to learn the facts before you try to make a point. Kick into wind = not as far kick.

Shhh! You're punching holes into his argument.

[quote="Blin Serna seems to be a good field goal kicker... /quote]
I take this back...
If Serna was Canadian he'd probably be givin a chance to work things out.... He's American however and probably should be cut.

Thank you Blin. Glad you came to your senses that it's not really what you seemed to be implying - that Canadians are worse than Americans.

I think if you're going to use an import kicker, it should be someone who does both jobs. If you're going with two different people for the two jobs, you should use Canadians for both. Burning two import spots for your kicking, or even one for half of your kicking, is wasteful.

If Setta couldn't punt, Boreham would still be a Ticat, doing both jobs.

Lowest punting average in the CFL is 42.5 yards and that's the American. Blin knows nothing on this topic.

Duval is a good import, but don't forget there was zero breeze at Canad Inns Stadium last night when he was busy going 6/6 on field goals.

Serna is struggling, but he's struggling on a 1-6 Bombers team that is quite frankly the worst team in the league.


Why do you hurt me so?

Truth hurts.

Cutting Old Lefty loose sure does look like a bad move by the Bombers in hindsight.