Canadian professional football video game without the CFL in it

Has anyone bought and played this game?

Is it easy to upload the logos and team colors of the CFL into it?

If you get the game, the game is preloaded with 9 fictitious teams.

I had high hopes and bought the game on Xbox One just to support them for their vision. Maybe the PC version is better especially with fact you can edit out the logos/players but it's simply not a fun game to play. It's just broken, nothing works the way you want it to. I commend them for their efforts, putting together a functional football game is one of the toughest challenges in all of gaming, which is why you don't see projects like this very often even get to the point of development.

Here's hoping that they sold enough copies to go back to the drawing board, but I have my doubts. Also fully understand why the CFL didn't offer a license, it would've been a PR disaster. On the contrary I actually played their Mobile App they came out with last season, and it's definitely meant for kids aged like 6-12 but I had way more fun messing around with that for a couple days than playing this on my Xbox One.

ALERT: I do have a solution for any CFL nuts who want to a game they can play ... if you're a Tecmo Bowl fan I can get you up and running on your computer with a mod that contains all the CFL logos, three downs, 20 yard end zones, waggle ...I did not make the mod myself but I have made my own custom Hall of Fame rosters for all nine teams. Anyone who is interested shoot me a PM and I'll help you out.

Depends on when you bought the game. If you bought it back in July of last year when it was released, yes it had issues from the comments I have seen on youtube, but the developer David Winter has been taking feedback from all those who have bought the game and fixing issues. There is another new version coming out this year which is going to be a big upgrade on the current version. I don't have the game but have been looking at the youtube videos and comments and there seem to be more likes than dislikes. Most want to support the game and the improvements.

I bought it for Xbox one to support local.
Its ok, and has gotten better from initial release.
I think you can do customization on the PC version, but not a lot on console.

9 teams, with CFL replica stadiums.

Graphics are dated, and player movement is something you would expect from a PC sports game about 10 years ago.

However, considering when the CFL pulled support, the developer lost most of his sponsors and financial support, and He built this game on his own with some local help, its ok.

The new version announced for 2018, is going back to "Maximum football". A football brand he released 10+ years ago, with full customization. Moving to a North American target with american or canadian rules option. He did add Halifax to the canadian cities listed. He had already added some to the Canadian Football game he developed last year.

The graphics already look a lot crisper. We will have to see.

Considering the CFL has jumped for joy getting table scraps in the Madden mobile game, and patted themselves on the back for that Football Frenzy mobile game that should have had a target audience of 4-6 in age. (Yes, it was fun to see the CFL jerseys in the game but for anyone over 6, fun runs out in about 5-10minutes.) I get the CFL wants an "A" list game, but with their support he would be able to bring in more developers. Kind of a chicken and the egg issue.