Canadian Pro Soccer League

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#HamOnt part of 6-8 team Canadian Premier League in soccer which will likely to begin 2018 or before. Bob Young Hamilton team owner. #CFL

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Ownership in new CPL would include "mix of #CFL and #NHL owners" according to John McGrane, point man for new bubble project at #THF. "

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#FIFA will accord top national league status to new Canadian Premier League, which will have a minimum-number-of-Canadian players quota.#CFL

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Bubble over #THF completely tied to professional soccer team there, says John McGrane at #HamOnt city council today.

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New soccer team in #HamOnt would start an academy, which would use dome at #THF. Eventually want to have an MBA course in soccer management.

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Pro soccer team in #HamOnt will require $20 million investment over 5 years (from Bob Young, owner), says John McGrane at city counci. #CSA

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I love the name of the league . Canadian Premier league would be a great way of developing more players . Noticed they didn't use Soccer League . Excellent branding .

Makes sense, there are thousands of soccer players out there and a record number of Canadians are getting scholarships to NCAA schools and ending up in the MLS and NASL and a few of the elite are in Europe.
Sounds like it will be geared to Canadians that won’t make the MLS or NASL.

I guess the CSL name was already gone . Game fixing?

The Canadian Soccer league in the news about game fixing . I don't know much about the league . I didn't think there would be any reason to fix games but I guess there is quite a bit of gambling in soccer.

I think Jim they stated that the Canadian Premier League would be the top tier in Canada FIFA endorsed ; MLS does not count as a national league . It wouldn't be hard to convince NASL Canadian teams to jump on board . MLS is a wait and see but it is an American league first and foremost. Maybe with a great Canadian TV contract and endorsements the tide will turn and the Canadian MLS clubs will join CPL .

The great thing with soccer is the TFC , Whitecaps etc.. could still play MLS clubs in friendlies and play down for club champions league without losing any prestige . Not long ago NASL teams were beating MLS clubs in games so the talent is not that far ahead except for those marquee players purchased who end up dominating the field .

Sad that some people commenting on The Spec article are still negative about the TigerCats and the CFL. One would think an initiative like this providing positions for our fellow Canadians would be welcomed but I suppose that is too positive for some people who love negativity. :?

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Alright, how much are season tickets?

As a side note, if you didn't already know, Hamilton already has it's own supporters group @bartonbattalion on twitter if you are interested. We're probably going to head down to the Phesant Plucker to catch a Canada vs USA national team friendly.

As for the other teams Montreal seems to be in as well while owners are being looked for Toronto/Vancouver and Ottawa likely would leave the Nasl.

I thought this was an interesting read from Jason De Vos.

Apathy toward Canadian soccer is why nothing is going to change

While we do need our own professional league in the long-term, forget about the top of the pyramid for the time being - the bottom of the pyramid is where the real problem lies.
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Yes I read some of the comments and they are still complaining about the city not choosing the west harbour site and complaining that the dome will never get put up and a team will not be in place by 2018… :?

It’s a no brainer putting up a dome, Ottawa had one for years over the field at Frank Clair Stadium. It will be a good money maker for the city, a private company will put it up and run it.
There are something like 25,000 in minor soccer in the Hamilton area, they need more places to play in the winter

how does the dome work at THF? its not covering the stands, just the field correct? any room for spectators than?

Looks like it will be the Buffalo Anchor Bar for the game on Friday night.

I would assume not, barring them putting it over the patio's (Man I wish the north patio was mobile. It certainly won't be with the Hall of Fame going there.) The only room would be standing off field like one would watch a children's soccer game, or maybe a fan area in the end zones (more of a reason to invest in mobile seating). Typically these things are mounted over the field only. The idea of the dome isn't to use it for regular play during the season, but for academy, small league and public use in the winter months.

No, I don't think they could make them big enough to cover the stands too, that would have to be huge. The biggest one that I know of is at Louis Real High School in Ottawa, it's the biggest in Canada and covers a 400 metre track too. It's the only place in Canada where Olympic runners can run and train indoors on a regulation track.

This is another example of an investment into an area of the city that never saw these types of investments before.

A local soccer icon and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats want to turn the city's outdoor stadium into a year-round facility with the help of a bubble dome.

It would cost upwards of $3 million to bubble-wrap the turf at Tim Hortons Field each winter – but the city wouldn't have to pay a dime under the proposal, said John McGrane.

McGrane, a retired professional and Olympic soccer player, said Monday he didn't want to discuss proposal details before formally presenting to councillors in February.

But he confirmed a "private enterprise" that includes "lead investor" and Ticats owner Bob Young would cover all capital costs to install the bubble – and even put $100,000 annually toward a city turf replacement fund.

The group also proposes to reserve 500 hours of indoor field use between December and April for the city recreation department. That's a key promise for McGrane, who wrote in a letter to Mayor Fred Eisenberger he wants to help provide more athletic opportunities to disadvantaged youth.

"I, like so many children from the east end, grew up with very little money and resources but was given the opportunity to play soccer from an early age," he wrote, later adding a seasonal bubble "could only enhance the usage and opportunity for youth to compete in sport year round."

"The dome (would) enable our group to develop a soccer academy which is an integral part of our long-term strategy for growing soccer at all levels in Hamilton and our region," Young wrote.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger said he personally considers the proposal "absolutely brilliant," but added he doesn't want to "pre-judge" how councillors will respond to the idea.

He said the idea of making the outdoor field useable year-round was discussed long before the stadium was built, but added the city has not considered tackling the pricey project on its own.

"There's a strong element of community use, at no extra cost to (the city), that is very attractive," he said.

Hamilton has about a dozen indoor soccer fields operating privately at the moment. Tim Hortons Field has room for about five indoor soccer pitches. The proposed bubble would only cover the field of play, not the football stands.

Local soccer teams and leagues are always clamouring for more indoor space, said John Gibson, who heads the Hamilton and District Soccer Association.

"I know for my member clubs, they're always having difficulty booking enough time," he said. "But it's not just soccer. Football, lacrosse, rugby, they would all benefit."

Gibson added he's excited about the prospect of more space becoming available for the Pan Am-inspired ArcelorMittal Dofasco "Grassroots" soccer program for kids living in the stadium precinct.

"Giving those kids a place to play year-round would just be awesome," he said.

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[b]Grover wrote[/b]: This is another example of an investment into an area of the city that never saw these types of investments before.