Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia

For those who are interested in such things :

[url=] ... 25&sr=8-10[/url]

With shipping and duty, I might have to do Kraft Dinner for a little while.

Also just came across an online CFL Encyclopedia:

Will have to explore it.

They say when one hits a certain age more time is spent thinking of the past then the future. I might be there!

well thanx for the info!! looked both up on the 'net and going to order both!! thanx again!!

is chapters going to carry this book?

Does not appear they do... came up empty.

The author has mentioned that unfortunately there is too much red tape to get it into Chapters or even for now.

The only other possibility is where he self-published the book.

Ironically is owned by Bob Young the Tiger-Cat owner.

Shame a book about the cfl can not be found locally.

Since we are on the subject of books, I have the hardcover version of this Alouettes book:

[url=] ... rod=279762[/url]

It is a great book for Als fans! Stats and stories for every single season from 1949-2007, and tons of pictures. I highly recommend it.

not available in canada!! PITY!!! only in the good old united states!! LOL

And for Als fans, or any football fan really here is another "must have" if you can find it :

[url=] ... DFOOT-TONY[/url]

Another one to add to the list is this one:

[url=] ... 4634-fr-pr[/url]

It is a history of football in Montreal, mostly but not all Alouettes, and some excellent photos.

yes it is!! already have it!!