Canadian Press names Lions as Team of the Year

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Hard to argue with that choice for sure.

And justly deserved! This team had a fantastic season. Congrats to everyone involved in its magnificent turn around.

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I was very impressed with the Lions game turning things around, I have no problem with being team of the year.

Indeed; I liked the part that says a rugged Defensive front that controlled the line of scrimmage, allowing the linebackers either to flow to the ball or blitz. Middle L-Backer - Solomon Elimimian. :thup:

as proud as I am of the lions, its not like there were many other contenders. Canucks maybe.

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Only the second CFL team to get it in the last 30 years... The Esks had to win 5 in a row just to get the nod one time. God thank for the Saskatchewan Roughriders overwhelming popularity from coast to coast to coast to once again put the CFL in the spotlight for our league to be considered for such an acolade... :roll:
However to play the devil's advocate here... The Canucks had to to beat out 14 other teams to claim the Western Conference Championship for the right to play in the Stanley Cup... The Lions had to defeat 7 other teams to claim the Grey Cup... In some ways wyou could say that the Canucks are twice as deserving as the Lions....

The Lions had to defeat 7 other teams to claim the Grey Cup... In some ways wyou could say that the Canucks are twice as deserving as the Lions....

So any Canadian NHL team receiving this honour when the NHL was 6 teams wasn't as honourable as it would be now? Is that what you're saying?

Mathematicly it is 5 times less likely that you can win the cup now then back before 67....
What do you think the answer to that question is?
Basicly if you can get to the final four in any of the big four(NBA,NFL,NHL,MLB) then you have done the equivelent of winning the Grey Cup (mathematicly)
The fact that the Lions came back from 0-5 still makes them the team of the year in my opinion however.

Put it this way... Every NFL team should win the Super Bowl every 32 years.... In the same time frame a CFL team should win the cup 4 times... Unless you are the Saskatchewan Roughriders then you only win it 3 times every 100 years...
Heck even if the Riders were in today's NFL their winning percentage would be under the mathematical do the Riders ever suck....hahahaha

That's a tough one. More games to win in hockey, but have one, no show in football and it's all over, so less room for mistakes.

BC had a big year in many ways. The bad start to the big turn around. Paul's kicking record was awesome, not to mention his age doing a fine wine, only to get better with age. Lulay,..Lulay..Lulay...Lulay....Lulay...first full season as a starter. Geroy almost breaking the record, the young Harris doing his thing, the list goes on.

Nice to see the CFL getting some props instead of hearing about hockey all the time!


That’s a tough one. More games to win in hockey, but have one, no show in football and it’s all over, so less room for mistakes.

Hadn’t even thought of it that way as well. Interesting.

Well deserved and no brainer. What's this talk about the be declared team of the year, don't you actually have to win something? What the lions did this year may never be re-peated in any sport. It is one of the great turnarounds in professional sports.

What.. WINNING the Presedent's trophy and WINNING the Western Conference Championship doesn't count as winning anymore?
Yet if The Bombers somehow fluked off a win against the Lions that would mean that they were winners since they went 5-9 down the stretch....
Would the Bombers of been Canada's team of the year if they won the cup... I highly doubt it... The Lions got the nod sheerly on the fact that they came back from 0-5.

This isn't about how many teams they had to beat to win the cup. This is about how poorly they started and how drastically they turned their season around.

Let's put it this way, regardless of whether the Lions beat out 5, 7, 30 or 31 other teams, they started 0-5 and went 11-2 in their next 13 and won out in the playoffs. Regardless of who your opponents were or how many of them there were, that is an impressive feat.

Let's put it another way, if you started out 0-5 in the NFL and rang off a 9-2 record in your remaining 11, you'd probably make the playoffs. Another 2 wins would get you to the conference championship. Another 2 wins on that (as the Lions had accumulated in the longer CFL regular season) gets you a Superbowl title while having started 0-5.

Proportionally speaking, in hockey it would be akin to starting 0-23, going 50-9 in your remaining 59, then ringing off 2 playoff series victories... Again, regardless of how many teams you beat out.. the turnaround is amazing.

The Lions are definitely worthy of the accolade.

Well deserved award for greatest turnaround miracle in CFL history. Unfortunately, Vancouver Canucks fell one game short of Stanley cup. Otherwise, Vancouver would probably win this award. Still the President cup and west conference title are outstanding achievements. Finishing on top of 30 teams is harder in the NHL than 8 teams in CFL.