Canadian Press article on PM and Grey Cup, Super Bowl

Just read this about our PM and his thoughts about the Grey Cup, Super Bowl etc. Interesting read in a way I suppose.

PM Harper may be sports fan, but he's no fan of NFL and Super Bowl

OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper might be a big sports fan - but he's no fan of the Super Bowl.

The prime minister offered a candid reply when asked for a prediction on Sunday's National Football League championship game between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. He also took a nationalist jab at the NFL. "I have to admit I'm not following it," Harper said Friday.

"Being prime minister of Canada I can assure you I focus my exclusive football attention on the Grey Cup - which is always much more exciting."

Harper's admission to not being interested in a major sporting event is somewhat surprising.

His obsession with sports extends beyond hockey - about which he's writing a book - and his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

He also followed soccer's World Cup so closely last summer that, even in the opening round, he had aides updating him on game scores while he worked in his office.

Harper's shot at the tediousness of the Super Bowl, however, may be based more on perception than reality.

While the NFL's marquee event did result in a string of memorable snoozers in the 1990s, punctuated some years by scores such as 55-10 and 52-17, it has become more competitive.

Five of the last nine Super Bowls have been decided by a margin of one touchdown or less.

Meanwhile, only three Grey Cup games over that period have been so close."

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I just heard that interview on CKNW radio 40 minutes ago!

Good plug Mr. Harper! Although he is showing his flaw admitting to being a Maple Leaf fan! :wink: :wink: :wink:

What about the Canadian Press concentrating on how the Super Bowl was more competitive than the Grey Cup recently? True I suppose but really, if the PM isn't getting caught up in the Super Bowl, why is this just a big deal? Who cares and why is it newsworthy? Maybe because he is a well known sports fan I suppose. :?

Or A slow News day......

The Pickton Trial was ajourned yesterday until Monday, so somebody must be bored! LOL :wink: :wink: :wink:

Harper is my hero now :slight_smile:

Yeah, another good reason to vote for him, he's a CFL fan...but he's probably also a Stamps fan, so that puts him down a couple of notches... :slight_smile:

I take back some of the things I said about him.....
NA maybe not!
He is just looking for votes!!!!

All right! Calm down! Its just a joke!! :lol:

Excellent Mr Prime Minister.
I love it.

I agree the writer of the CP story is more interested in the SB and is surprised how our PM wanted nothing to do with it.
I would bet this writer is based in Toronto and or writes for one of the dailies.

I took him down a couple of notches for being a Leaf fan! :wink: :wink:

Yes agree, a good news bad news story.

Who ever wrote that story knows how to write it in the NFL's favor.

Yes its true that only 3 of the last nine Grey cups compaired to 5 of the super bowls had a point difference of 7 points or less

He leaves out the fact that the highest point difference during those for the CFL was 11 points then 3 games of 9 and 1 of 8

The NFL was 28 then 15 then 11

Its much closer when you present it that way dont you think?

And what about the most exciting game in recent memory, the 05 overtime thriller. No mention.

Terribly biased reporting by the Canadian Press but kudos to Harper.

Biased reporting by the media?

I already posted something about that!

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i knew i voted for this goofball for a reason!!!

I'll give it to you guys on this one. This author slaps the Grey Cup while ignoring of all things the 2005 classic.

Of course he ignores the '05 Grey Cup. He'd hurt his own arguement if he didn't.
Oh yeah....Way to Go Harper!! We should send him to deal with Godfrey.

Gee. The writer of this article is shocked that the Prime Minister of Canada isn't interested in a foreign football game that has absolutely nothing to do with CAnada?

Then again what else would you expect our American-centric media to say?

I was really glad to hear Harper said that ... it's good that he's sticking up for what is Canadian. That's what we need more Canadians doing! But i doubt it's for the sake of getting votes ... i'm pretty sure politicians don't use sports as a platform very often :wink: Maybe sucking up to the people, sure, but either way, it's a great response.