Canadian Premier League (Soccer)

I’m not into soccer very much but some of you into soccer might be interested:

Fellow Hamiltonians,

Today is an historic day for soccer fans, aka footie followers, in our country. Almost every Canadian has played soccer at one time or another, now we will have our own league to cheer for and for our kids to aspire to play for*.

The leadership of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) has shown outstanding commitment to its vision for the future of soccer in Canada with the decision to ratify the Canadian Premier League (CPL) today.

The CPL will fill the existing void in the national Canadian soccer development platform by operating a top level professional league, both on and off the field. The CSA and the CPL’s shared commitment is to foster the development of Canadian players.

Most importantly, I’m really excited the Canadian Soccer Association has approved Hamilton’s application to become an official member of the CSA. This approval allows our Hamilton team to apply and join the CPL at the appropriate time. When that time comes, our club will play out of Tim Hortons Field, which has proved to be a world-class soccer stadium and has consistently provided a best-in-class live viewing experience for all of its events. The stadium successfully hosted a Canada Women’s National Team game back in 2015 and all men’s and women’s soccer games at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

This day is only possible thanks to the unwavering support of soccer fans across Canada, such as our own Barton Street Battalion supporters. They have tirelessly drummed up interest and support locally (and nationally) for the CPL and Hamilton’s future soccer club over the past 15 months.

This is just the beginning of the fun and excitement to come! We’ll share the details of Hamilton’s professional soccer club in the coming weeks. We will be working with Canada Soccer and its many members, sponsors, fans, followers and supporters as all of us together work to make the CPL into one of the most entertaining and progressive footie leagues in the world.

Until then, visit to become a Hamilton CPL fan.



Caretaker, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (the other football club in Hamilton)

*With three daughters myself, I’m only too aware that there isn’t (yet) a Canadian women’s professional soccer league.

Winnipeg is the only other confirmed team as well and it wilk be under the Bombers umbrella. To to 10 other cities/ownership groups with expressions of interest.

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Looks like the first season will be August of 2018 being a short one with the first full season in 2019.

Interesting. I wonder if any cities that have pro teams now (Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) would decide to join the CPL (obviously the MLS teams would be less likely than the NASL teams to do at present), or if some of these cities would have both their current team and a CPL team.

I admit, I basically know nothing about how soccer is organized on planet Earth but it seems to me that the way soccer is organized is a bit like the WHA and hockey way back when. I don’t know, maybe the CPL will challenge in some way the Canadian MLS teams andsign a “Bobby Hull” calibre player and really upset the soccer applecart here.

As I say, I know nothing about the wacky world of soccer organization so maybe what I’m saying is just too overly wacky. :smiley:

But I do think soccer may be better organized than how the WHA came about and challenged the NHL in some respects, basically forcing the NHL to bring in cities like Edmonton and Winnipeg etc.

I mean what happens if in Hamilton, for example, Tim Horton’s Field is packed every game for this new team? And signs a fairly big name world-type player to a “personal services” contract? :? I don’t know, it is pro and and who knows? As I say, Wild Wild West for soccer in Canada maybe.

Some legal issues going on with Tim Horton’s Field and soccer in Hamilton. Interesting. Seems the city would like to see other potential owners try and bring soccer to the stadium other than the TiCats or renegotiate the rights with the TiCats to bring soccer as maybe the City sees a better deal possible for the City. hmmm…

City of Hamilton won’t talk soccer until stadium lawsuit resolved

Recine said new negotiations with the Ticats would be necessary to have soccer at the stadium. The city "has worked hard and in good faith to try to resolve" the lawsuit, but all parties haven't been able to reach a resolution, she added. "The city was not responsible for the construction of the stadium, is confident in its position in the litigation and is committed to ensuring no additional costs for the stadium be passed on to its taxpayers. "Ticats owner Bob Young couldn't be reached for comment late Monday, but the team has argued its soccer rights haven't expired. Some councillors have said they're open to exploring other professional soccer teams that could play in Hamilton.But Canada Soccer, also known as the Canadian Soccer Association, has said it won't sanction any other pro team here. In May, Canada Soccer approved establishing a new professional men's league and a founding team owned by the Ticats.Coun. Matthew Green said after Monday's meeting that he knew of no other potential soccer teams landing in Hamilton.

Another day, another challenge for Hamilton.

My understanding, is the CSA won’t sanction another pro team in Hamilton to play in a US based league and they have already given the blessing for the Ti-Cats group so the city can’t go with another group so this is their leverage.

If this can’t get resolved soon, can the Hamilton CPL team play at Ron Joyce in the short term?

No idea at this point. Why the city council is doing this is in my eyes pure idiocy. There is literally no reason to not talk to the Cats about starting a pro soccer team and paying more rent to use THF, apart from petty politics or a desire to leverage the team during the legal issues, but I digress.

I have no problem going to Ron Joyce initially if need be, but having the CFL lines does stink. The biggest issue with that facility is the liquor permit doesn’t allow drinking in the stands, only under or in one of the endzones, which is a disappointment, but what can you do?

I know that several supporters groups have popped up, supporting would be CanPL teams. The Barton Street Battalion (Hamilton), Pile of Bones (Regina), Mississauga Supporters Group (Mississauga), Wanderers SG (Halifax), Cap-Diamant GS (Quebec City) and Red River Rising (Winnipeg) to name a few if anyone here is interested in getting in on the ground floor. I for one would like to see it happen sooner rather then later.

I see the league now has a commissioner, still just two teams.

David Clanachan named Canadian Premier League commissioner

He learned the grassroots at Tim Horton’s so I’m sure he’ll be careful with employees and how long they take for their break and employees asking for benefits sort of thing. Being frugal though I’m sure isn’t a bad quality in a new commissioner. :wink:

Bump time.

CPL unveils new logo and statement.

Teams in addition to Hamilton and Winnipeg to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thinking York Region (based in Vaughan) or Halifax will be announced next.

The logo isn’t the greatest to me, a little busy. But the commercial/video gets me excited to see this league begin.

I don’t know, I find the Blue Jays’ logo busy but hey, it works, loads of people wear Blue Jays caps and shirts.

Better than our logo at least.

I like the Cleveland Browns logo, very clean, uncluttered and sharp. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a matter of taste, but I prefer the clean, uncluttered look of ours. (granted, it’s not as clean and uncluttered as the Cleveland Browns, but we can’t all be the Browns, I guess.)

I like it fine. Could tweak it some but its good to go

Well, good luck to them. Soccer’s not my thing, except for the annual watch England fail at the World Cup/Euro. Football and soccer really don’t mix.

The CPL will help the CFL in needed infrastructure for stadium builds .

I wish it the best for Canadian international play in the future and because it will help the CFL in the end and the CFL will help the CPL .

The CPL team in Hamilton is rumored to be called “Founders FC”, which in my opinion might take the title for worst team name in North America.

I heard that it was in reference to how they are the founding franchise of the league, and also a play on the foundries and industrial heritage of Hamilton.

I’m really, really hoping the rumors are wrong.

That would be a terrible name.

Ditto! Terrible name.