Canadian Premier League--A Woman's League???

There have been rumors of a professional "premier" league starting up for men's soccer in Canada.

But given that the men's game is pretty exhausted in terms of talent, as evident by the quality of MLS games beyond the party like atmosphere (hence the low TV ratings), shouldn't it be, the women who are given the top league in a country for once, now that they are fourth in the world?

Shouldn't Canada, as an equal opportunity country, try to build on that momentum by going for that long sought after gold with a Canadian Premier League for women? And not men?

The men's game is so filled with disparaging sentiment it would be disgusting to see it take firm root here.

But what does one think?

Thy don't have the depth or quality to make a league work in Canada. It would be awful. Women's soccer played with each countries best players, is watchable. Let's not forget 15 year old boys teams, wax the Canadian Women's team.

Though a national women's league would be nice to see, the priority would still need to be the men's league despite the women's success.

When the old CSL was around the men's team was pretty much just below the US program. IMO it's no coincidence ever since that shut down and MLS was launched, the programs have gone in opposite directions ever since.

We used to beat up the Americans in the early 80's in Men's soccer. We just don't have the quality in our Men's program. Even if we some how get out of our group and proceed to the final 6, no are we finishing top 3 and advancing to the WC.