Canadian Players Rights...

Who has the CFL Rights to...
Teyo Johnson - Tight End (Cut by Oakland)
Jerome Pathon - Wide Receiver (Cut by Seattle)
Kerry Carter - Running Back (Cut by Seattle)
Alain Kashama - Defensive End (On Seattle Roster)

I don't know

the als have Pathon, and possibly Carter, i think i heard that once but im not sure so don't quote me on it or anything liek that.

Kerry Carter I Really Want To See Come Up Here, He Played In The Same Minor Football Franscise As Me And Was Really The Only Good Product To Come From That Team. I Fallowed His Career A Little Bit And I Really Would Like To Support His Career North Of The Boarded, Plus It Would Be Great If He Came To Toronto Cause We Could Use Another RB And Returner To Replace Avery And Livingston.

I know the Als have the rights to Pathon and Kashama... and Palmer! :wink:

I don't know about the other two.

The Als have the rights to all of these NFL cuts:
Jesse Palmer, Alain Kashama (not cut), KerryCarter, Jerome Pathon and Maurice Clarett.

Nobody knows about Teyo Johnson though? Ah well, he is a Stanford Grad, so unless he really wants to continue his football career, he could get more money doing something else.