Canadian O-linemen as Free Agents

Just curious if there are any Canadian O-lineman that the Riders should go after in free agency?


I think Josh Bourke was released. Haven't looked into his history.


I don't think they hit free agency too hard this season...they said it was an abnormality for last season and have also stated they are not anticipating near as much action on their end this season. The spots I see them making a splash...

  • they might chase a RB. Shakir Bell jumps out as a name they might go after a bit depending on how their search is going to replace Joe McKnight.
  • WR...they do need some Canadian depth. If it was me I would be working on Demski as IMO whether he extends or not really effects how you have to approach this year's draft and free agency. If he extends then you probably draft someone behind him in the 2nd or 3rd. If he doesn't then you need to prepare to probably go 2nd and consider a FA now.
  • The other one is on the Line (and on what you actually brought up) and this is really where I think the biggest splash will be made. I think that they will use the number 2 pick to draft wither OL or DL and whatever they intend to draft they will chase the other in free agency. For me if I had the #1 pick I would look at DT Eli Ankou in the draft. He seems to by flying under the radar but also seems like a solid pick. No assurance he won't go in the NFL draft or get a call after or be around for the #2 pick...but it is who I would look at. That intent likely means making a splash on the OL. Now a huge part of that is 2 factors

where do they feel JSJ is at? will he get to RT? will he be able to start at RG at some point this season? If not he might be a bust...a lot depends on how much he improves his upper body strength this off-season because he seems to have all the other tools to start. That was an attribute that a lot of people were worried about pre-draft on him.
Dillion Guy. Is he going to play or no? How has he recovered? He is a fricken great prospect with a pile of potential if they feel he is ready. He is also a guy who can step in and potentially migrate to center. I have said it lots...I don't ever see Clark becoming a top end C. he has the knowledge and the leadership but simply not the build. He has mini arms for his size and that is a massive masssive factor in that position...especially if someone lines up at nose on him...he is in a massive disadvantage every snap that happens.
atop that they also have Vonk. Vonk seems to have some really good potential and is a guy who can actually step into all three of the interior spots. He wasn't there last season...but I think the year may have served him well. He is one of the guys to key in on when camp comes along IMO. need to wrap your head around where those guys are at as the coaching staff to decide...because that is a respectable amount of youth and they still have Picton on speed dial...who I thought played fairly well when called in.

as far as actual names...
Derek Dennis...he will be sought after in free agency if he hits the market. I would think he would be one guy they would spend some coin on as he is as solid at LT as they come.

Chris Van Zeyl is a guy they might be willing to put some cash on. He has the passport and could come in as a 1-2 year stop-gap to progress JSJ. Ideally...JSJ at RG and then rotating Van Zeyl out a bit at RT would be ideal, with Guy coming in at RG. will need to see if he is interested in relocating or not...but he should actually be hitting the market. he is older so they might not go after him...but I see nothing wrong with that if the contract makes sense.

Josh Bourke is another guy...not a FA but is released and available. He will demand a huge contract though and left a darned good career in Montreal for marginally more money. He may easily land back in Montreal

I am assuming LaBatte will be back and ready to play...if not then perhaps they go after J'Michael Deane for LG.

sleepers could include Nolan MacMillan and Dan Federkeil (I don't see Dan wanting to leave Alberta)

on the DL potential splashes in FA could be Alan-Michael Cash
Euclid Cummings likely draws some interest from a few teams as well.
Cleyon Laing as far as a national...yeah i know....he took a couple nasties on Reilly but has been playing pretty well...Jones might chase Don Oramasionwu a bit.
I am suspecting we might see Marcus Howard as a Rider....Likes Jones...might move on because of Hunt. that said Hunt is a FA to and would be a great pickup.

Bryan Hall, Drake Nevis are IMO overlooked by many could be nice pickups.
Zach Minter could be a nice little National steel for someone and I can see the Riders picking him up if there are no serious chasers.

so for me...names to watch on OL are
Derek Dennis, J'Michael Deane, Nolan MacMillan...though I wouldn't mind seeing Chris Van Zeyl

and of course Fulton is a FA to

DL names I would watch Rider wise:
Don Oramasionwu, Marcus Howard would be front runners I think

Als just released OT Jeff Perrett…a little long in the tooth, but could mentor young OL and give Canadian depth

[url=] ... e-perrett/[/url]

I can't see Perrett going West. His wife just took a job as a teacher in NY last fall so she and the kids are living there so I imagine he will be looking to stay close in order to see them when he can. Toronto , Hamilton, or Ottawa most likely spots.

He would prefer east but has said he will go where opportunity lays. He not seeing him wife much in season as it is

...and he is a Western boy (Taber AB), so closer to that part of his family

Deane to the Argos. I know the Riders were in on much as I would have liked to have seen him here I am glad they didn't chase him with a bag of cash and overspend on this one.