Canadian LB's

How awesome is it that the LB position is dominated by Canadians. In a league that has americans at key positions, a position that is under rated, but yet these are the guys that hold the defense together, I mean look at guys like Rob Hitchcock, Agustin Barrenechea, Matt Robichaud, all of these players are key impact players, Hamilton should be fortunate to have Canadians at key positions.

Forgot to mention our great new addition Ray Mariuz

robichaud is no impact at lb lol hes barely an impact at LS

Why dont they try Kojo Aido or Radelin at Lb ? just wondering

What tha?!?

Do you know anything about football? Well to let you know special teams is about a third of the game and for you to say he is not an impact LS is like saying toronto is the best. NO CHANCE, robichaud is thee best LS in the CFL, next time you watch a game look at the other teams LS and tell me different

No mention of Eiben or O'Shea I see. Must have been an oversight.

bluto -

Yes you are correct these are two of the best!
I know that a lot of Ticat fans would love to have O'shea finish his career in Hamilton.

...with Ranek's footprints on his back after runnng over him for a TD.

I HOPE you weren't being serious... :o

I'm still pissed that the brought O'shea back for the second time round. They can leave him in Toronto they deserve each other.

The Argos made a huge mistake when they chose to re-sign O'shea over Mariuz. O'Pylon is way past his best berfore date. Mariuz will be playing in this league for a long time.

the trade in which we brought back oshea a 2nd time for just 1 lousy season cost us eric lapointe and orlando steinauer