Canadian Junior Football League

As i've stated before, i'm still new to Canadian football for the most part. I just found out about the CJFL and that there is a team here in London. The London Beefeaters.

Is the CJFL a quality league with ties to the CFL?
Do many players advance from the CJFL to play in the CFL?
How does it compare to CIS football?
In lue of having a CFL team in London, are the London Beefeaters (and the rest of the CJFL) worth following?


The cjfl is a real solid league i am not sure if it has any direct connections to the cfl.As for players that move on yes i beleave some have gone to the cfl how many i am not sure.The cjfl is some what like what major jr hockey is in terms of beeing a real good devlopment league.No question it it si worth to follow as i said its a real good league and its well worth the cost to watch a game.

Ontario Football Conference 2010
St Leonard

Season starts in early aug.

Thanks for the info!

I just read on the CJFL site that 9 former players were selected in this years CFL draft. :thup:

Danny Watkins, Rob Maver, Cory Watson, Grant Shaw, Saleem Borhot, John Bender, Nate Binder, Brian Ridgeway and Corbin Sharun.

Sounds like there is lots of great talent coming out of the league. I'll have to check out a Beefeaters games or three forsure.

theres also the praire football conference

saskatoon hilltops
regina has a team
edmonton has a team
winnipeg rifles
beleive calgary has one aswell.

theres plenty of really good junior football played throughout the country.

ticats have a guy on their roster

jordan matechuck… kid played a few seasons for the winnipeg rifles.

And a B.C. Football Conference,

-South Surrey Rams
-Chilliwack Huskers
-Kamloops Broncos
-Okanagan Sun
-Vancouver Island Raiders
-Vancouver Trojans (currently in non-playing status)
-Victoria Rebels

There is also the Quebec Junior Football League, which used to be part of the CJFL but no longer is for some reason

Châteauguay Raiders
Laval Devils
Ottawa Junior Riders
Cumberland Panthers
St.-Lazare Stallions
South Shore Monarx

Edmonton actually has two, the Huskies and Wildcats,
Regina is the PrarieThunder
Calgary Colts is their team.
And I think that Medicine Hat or Lethbridge might be getting one

It's a real shame that the QJFL left the CJFL. Whatever the problem is, hopefully it can get sorted out asap. When did the CJFL and QJFL cut ties with each other anyway?

I agree. At the very least, organizing a national championship is more natural when you have 4 conferences rather than 3, and financial resources can be used more efficiently and effectively too, not to mention the unity issues.

Lately, I've been trying to find out more information on amateur football in Canada (minor, junior, senior, whatever). Aside from CIS, a lot of it seems quite fractured, disorganized, and poorly presented.

In particular, I can't find any info about when the QJFL left (no mention of it in their history). I recall reading somewhere that they left because of fee increases or something like that, but that the issues had been resolved and there were hints of them returning. I can't find it now, though.

I just sent an email to the CJFL Commissioner, Antonio Iadeluca asking for some info on the matter. I also sent one to the QJFL. Hopefully some light will be shed, and fingers crossed...some positive and encouraging news.

The PJFC teams are: Winipeg Rifles
Regina Praire Thunder
Saskatoon Hilltops
Calgary Colts
Edmonton Huskies
Edmonton Wildcats

There was once another team in Calgary called the Mohawks, as well as Red Deer (Packers) and Medicine Hat (Rattlers). There's been talk of a team in Lethbridge (the Blitz) for about 4-5 years, but apparently the group cannot raise the $500,000 bond the PFJC requires for membership.

There's also a BC junior conference with teams in Kelowna (Okanagan Sun), Abbotsford (Air Force) Victoria(name unknown), Nanaimo (Island Raiders), Surrey (Rams) and a couple more in Greater Vancouver and another in the interior, I think.

There was a proposal a few years back for a Maritime Junior Football Legaue, but the idea never got off the ground, AFAIK.

Anybody else notice that the CJFL website has been down for over a month? Strange.

Has been, or was? It loads fine on my computer.

Are you going to ? Perhaps you are going to cjfl . ca instead. That doesn't appear to be their website.