Canadian Junior Football League 2021

The Regina Thunder beat the Saskatoon Hilltops for the second straight week. The Hilltops have won 6 straight national titles and had previously won 30-something straight games. Looks like there's a new power in the CJFL.

Saskatoon are also notable for having a female LB:


CJFL playoffs start this weekend too (in BC and the prairies). There are links to streams of some of the games in the article below. You have to pay to watch them, though.

Trying to figure out the CJFL (website hopping) to rank/rate their teams, which appears to be 18 teams.

Which is better player talent wise? USports or CJFL?

USports is better overall. In USports, the age limit of players is 25 while in CJFL it is 23.

In USports, all the players are students, many of whom receive scholarships in order to play football while studying. I'm guessing that gives them more time to dedicate to the sport.

In the CJFL, most players have to fit football training and games around their work schedule. There are a few colleges (St. Clair College in Windsor and Loyalist College in Belleville) that operate or have affiliation with CJFL teams and in some cases provides scholarships for student players. St Clair Fratmen are far and away the top CJFL team in Ontario. I don't know if that is because they are college operated or not, though. In contrast, Quinte Skyhawks, who have the affiliation with Loyalist College, are near the bottom of the OFC. Though that may be partially because 2021 is their first ever season.

USports provides far more CFL players than does CJFL. The junior league does, however, sometimes provide excellent players. Andrew Harris is testament to that.

The only reason that university teams are a higher level of ball is because the schools can afford to run the programs at a loss. Junior teams not so much. So university teams can usually have full time coaches and such. Junior teams very often have part time coaches and even volunteer coaches for instance.

OFC Playoffs this weekend.

Here's a link to a free stream of the Hamilton-London semi Saturday at 4:45 EST:

And Langley plays Okanagan out in BC. There's a link in the article to a stream of the game, but it costs $20.

And the Regina Thunder are hosting the Saskatoon Hilltops for the PFC championships Sunday at 1 pm local time. It's the Thunder's first time to host the championship!

Here's a link to the Hamilton Hurricanes vs London Beefeaters game that is working. London's up early.

BTW, I like those double-blue uniforms the team from Hamilton are wearing! :grinning:

(OK, on closer look, maybe black and blue rather than double blue . . . but certainly closer to the Argos than to the Tiger-Cats.)

Results from Saturday:
London beat Hamilton 24-0.
St Clair beat Quinte 47-3.

Will London be able to put up a fight against St Clair in the finals?

Out in BC, Langley beat Okanagan in a 7-4 barnburner.

Saskatoon is playing in Regina today at 1 pm CST. These could very well be the top two teams in the country. Though I am interested to see what St Clair can do against the top teams in the other conferences (assuming they do indeed dispatch London).


And Saskatoon took it to their provincial rivals today, winning 29-9.


Here's a diagram showing the brackets for this year's Canadian Bowl. The OFC champs this year get the bye. PFC champs (Saskatoon Hilltops) and BCFC champs (Langely Rams) play each other for the second spot.

Saskatoon travels to Langely BC this Saturday at 2 pm PST. Here's a link to a pay per view stream:

London Beefeaters travel down to Windsor to play St Clair Fratment Saturday at 7 pm EST. Looks like there might be a free stream of this one.


St Clair vs London breakdown:

Saskatoon vs Langley breakdown:

Saskatoon Hilltops vs Langley Rams

Langley pulls off the come-from-behind upset: 17-14.

Langley moves on to the Canadian Bowl. I'm glad for BC fans considering everything going on there.

Here's the London Beefeaters vs St Clair Fratmen:

All tied up at 14 with less than a minute left. Been a crazy last couple minutes comeback by London.

And a last-second rouge wins it for London, who were down 14-0 with less than 3 minutes left!

London vs Langely for the Canadian Bowl.

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Here's a video of CJFL nominees (and winner) of Rookie of the Year.

Kubongo looks pretty good. I wonder if he'll be able to land a spot on a USports team.

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Here's a video for the Peter Dalla Riva Offensive Player Award:

Ryan Sokul of the Regina Thunder has some pretty impressive highlights on that video. I wonder if he'll be invited to any tryouts.

And last one, the Larry Wruck Defensive Player Award:

D'oh. I though the Canadian Bowl was starting at 5 pm EST. But it's already over.

Oh well, Langely ran roughshod over London, winning 37-0.

Was this game televised?

No, but there was an online stream you could buy for $25. I was hoping there would be a free workaround somewhere on Youtube though.

What all do you get for $25.00? A sweatshirt and baseball cap too?