Canadian Indoor League???

A couple years ago there was talk about a Canadian Indoor league. If I remember correctly, Ottawa had the first (and only ) Franchise. Did it die a slow painful death or is there still rumours about it comming back?

if it's the NAIFL your talking about, which was a Canadian Arena League, it's dead, site is gone cuz they failed to pay geocities, and it's gone.

I'm not sad to see it go, the teams names were horrible, but I liked the more Canadian rules they bought to Arena Football which the AFL needs to have, like three downs and penalty kicks.

You could have been a fan of a team close to you, with very interesting team names!

Montreal Machete
Ottawa Omega
Winnipeg War
Toronto Terror
Saskatoon Storm
Edmonton Extreme
Victoria Valor
Vancouver Victory
Regina Rage
Quebec Quantum
Fredricton Feud
Halifax Havoc
St John's Storm

It's funny how each team has the team name with the same starting letter of the city, real brainy!

Well this is a surprise. Did they ever play? I must really be having a 40's moment. :oops:

Kinda reminds you of the new WHA, who were going to put the NHL out of business. The WHA's junior ;eague in Florida went belly up! Now the WHA is starting up a junior in BC and Washington state, with all the teams featuring old WHA team monikers.

only the Havoc name is very good. I'm glad that it died out, although some rules sounded great like panalty kicks, but others like TD slamdunks sound stupid. Maybe someday the AFL will add these rules ot it's game, whatever they were.

and I'm gald the WHA 2004 died out too rather than hurt the WHA name anymore.

I was a big fan of the WHA, since I live not far from a former WHA city! Now the same guys who tried firing up the "new" WHA, have a new junior league!

The teams so far!

New Westminister Whalers
Squamish Cougars
Bellingham Bulls
Armstrong Crusaders
Pierce County Sharks
Lumby Fighting Saints
Osoyoos Spurs

good on ya mate

I think this would have been a cool idea if it had of worked.

yeah, I whould have liked it to play a few seasons and then meage into the AFL.

IMO it would have been beeter to stay on its own. Not that it matters now. Too bad it didn't work, I could have seen some games.