Canadian Indoor Football League

The question is...would Canada be able to support an indoor football league in cities who do not currently have CFL teams? Suggested team breakdown and building capacity:


London 9,140
Halifax 10,000
Moncton 7,200
Quebec 15,399


Brandon 5,000
Kamloops 6,400
Red Deer 5,987
Saskatoon 11,159

Someone already tried to start the NAIFL last year and that fell apart in a few months. Why would someone ever want to start a Mickey Mouse league like indoor football in Canada. Have you ever watched arena football before? Not very interesting. Hell, even I can throw the ball the length of that field.

Difference is, that league, from what I remember was supposed to try and be in every current CFL city. Can't see an indoor league competing with the CFL.

I can't say that I would have much interest in the league, but if it gives Canadian kids who won't make the CFL a chance to continue playing competitive ball and maybe make a small pay cheque I would have to say giver a shot.

I'd love it, I am finding hockey more and more boring to watch especially the NHL as there is little hitting any more. Bring on winter football!!



As much as I dont like the idea of it... I think thats something that my city (Victoria) would actually go for. :roll: .... As long as they staggered it AFTER lacross season. It'd fly here

grumbles I'm neighbor to 300,000 panzies!!

Indoor football might serve small niche markets and may be more popular than pro soccer in Canada. But league survival probably depends on owners able to afford financial losses.

I think you could always have a fun, amateur football league indoors...

but not a real serious league,.

I say Arena football should adpout more Canadian rules and the penatly kick, and if their is enough Canadian fans interrested after that, try expanding in Canada again. Heck, the NHL did it with the south!

I think every defender should be given a stick to hit people with! That would be a good Canadian version of the game! :lol:

yes like in the OMFL, the Old Man Football League! :lol:

Guess you've never played football on a Hockey rink have you? In the states Arena Football is quickly becoming the 5th most followed sport. And...I've always said that if it was played with Canadian rules it would be even better. go out on that field and try to keep yourself from getting killed. Then we'll see who is the Mickey Mouse.

When the AFL was started in the US, it was pretty much stated by many people that it would go belly up after a few seasons, but it's still around!

How many great Canadian college players have their carrers end once their eligibility ends. Man, there are some quarterbacks that I would have loved to see keep their carrers going (such as Brent Schneider @ U of S) but CFL teams typically do not keep homegrown quarterbacks on their teams. Maybe a league such as this would help in that aspect.