Canadian/import ratio

Do not let the Toronto Sports Network and the rest of those cronies mess with the import ratio... no way should it be dropped from 7 to 4 players. What is the league thinking.. that is one of the angles that can quickly turn a dark horse into a first place team... this is one of the things that keeps this league grounded... Canadians in the line up... TO wants the NFL.. good riddance... leave this league alone.

can you post a link showing they are saying this?

Although it's impotant because without it we have teams made up of all americans and no canadians, I;m not so much afraid of the ratio going, I'm more afaid of adding more teams to the league with american owners who could change the league in such as way to make it more like the NFL, or even bring it down from the inside. Many even expand back into the USA again.

I agree, leave the ratio alone. Nobody has come out and said it publicly but you have to think it's the Argo's that are behind this rule change big time, their content of Canadians is easily the worst in the league and I think is reflective of their record.

Terry Jones of Edmonton says it’s not happening, so i’m not worried.

All the demands seem like they will be meet, except the ratio, which isn't a problem, their is enough canadian talent out there when you really look for it, the CFL teams are too used to looking south. They need to look more north.

If anything, the problem is they aren;t using the Canadian Talent, like Canadian QBs, not that it isn't there.

CFL fans will not tolarate a CFL with less Canadian players, it just isn;t gonna happen.

I'm a CFL fan, but I think that the quality of Canadian born (i.e. non-import) football players coming from CIS and in some cases the NCAA is less to those from warmer climes. It takes longer to develop a Canadian player (generally) to bridge the talent gap. In a gate driven league, in many cases you're essentially paying Canadian players BEFORE they are ready to play. Owners and GM's look at Canadians as wasted roster spots and a drain on meager resources. All those calling for a Canadian QB, who'll take a chance to draft and develop a player for a few years BEFORE he's in a position to play. That's why the "skilled" positions go to non-imports. I think that the whole system needs to be reformed (not scrapped, but changes need to happen). Either drop the quota number a little (as new teams come in, so the overall number of Canadians remains the same), or place quota on a per position basis (i.e. one of the three QB's must be a Canadian, etc...). The former will raise the level of play overall, the latter will help Canadians to play in the CFL.

I think you underestamate Canadian talent, friend, remenber good canadian talent wins Grey Cups. I say the teams relay too much on great talent from the south, don't get much of anything from there, and because they overlook the north, the guys they get from there aren't as good either.

I say the way CFL looks for talent needs to change, big time.

I'm torn on this one. Part of me wants more Canadians, part of me wants not so much less Canadians but more flexibility for teams to add whomever, as long as their is some Canadian talent mandated. Who knows. :?

Here's a link to an article suggesting Cohon wants it reduced to 4 starting Canadians, albeit it could all just be part of the negotiations game the author indicates:

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NCAA QB,s come up all the time and get the chance to develop, its a friggin revolving door, while the QB position does not count against the ratio, IMHO there should be 12 Canadian starters and for the skilled positions a Import can replace a Non import if the NON import gets injured.

Golden worda Earl! the guy that wrote that is a bloody legend!

the latter makes sense to me, maybe they can hire imports to fill those spots temoparany for that current season, assuming they don't have enough guys.