Canadian Idol

I think it would be a great idea for the Cats to get Brian Melo to sing the national anthem on Labour Day.

He's a Hamiltonian (he went to Cathedral) and he's doing great! Plus, it would be a great way for Hamilton to support him for his great showing. (He's currently in the Top 5.) And if he's eliminated by the time that game rolls around, well, we can all cheer for him on a job well done. I think having a prominent Hamiltonian sing the anthem on one of the biggest days of the year in Hamilton would be awesome.

And please don't say, we can't do that because we already have someone else booked because I know full well that if he wins the whole thing they'd find a way.

So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

I like it. I don't watch Canadian Idol much, but I have had the chance to see him sing a few times and he is really good. Of the singers left there he should definately win. I wasn't sold on him at first (thought he was good, but not great), but he has shown that he can really sing.

Good luck Brian