Canadian high schools vs. American high schools

Every once and awhile, I see a Canadian team playing an American Catholic high school team under American high school rules.

What purpose does it serve by having a Canadian team cross the border for a single game, only to return to Canada and go back to playing 12 man ball?

The result is always a hapless blowout with the Canadian team going down.

Why do it? Why charge admission for a disorganized game? There's only 10 weeks in the season and it's a total downer to see that on the schedule.

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EZ Football; try posting some read-up articles instead of your irrelevent crap.

I agree who gives a crap about 4 down football it sucks!!

It increases a young football players knowledge on the strategy for positions (formations - skills) of 11 man to 12 ball. Otherwise knock it off with your irrelevent bs posting.

southern alberta teams play exibition games in Montona just to give the kids a different experience they can remember for there whole lives. when i played, we would play one half american rules, one half canadian rules. the games were a lot closer then you would think. we even won on occasion.