Canadian High School Football 2022

I'm not sure what criteria they use for the rankings, but here's some from the fine folks who brought us the prospects game:

Anyone here see their old high school on the top-50 list from the link above?


More is always so strong! Their coaching staff is top notch.

A good friend is a coach on the D and they are serious! He's one of the smartest Football minds I know.

I came from a smaller school so I won't be seeing it in the top 50 any time soon. I played against at least 3 in the top 50 though years ago. Some schools have new football programs. Chilliwack wasn't a big program back then. Tweedsmuir played Rugby instead of football back in my day.

That might be a little confusing as BC High school football uses the NHFS (US High school football) rules for their games.

Assuming other provinces use Canadian rules I take it.

They had provincial teams playing against each other with the same rules. The high school team that had four players would most likely be higher ranked than one that had 3 players (for example). How provincial teams played against each other would also factor in.

Other provinces use American rules as well though

My knowledge about the different rules across provinces is fairly superficial. But I believe the prairie provinces play 3-downs, Quebec plays 4-downs, and Ontario is divided--some regions play 3 while others play 4. But I believe that everywhere outside of BC uses the larger Canadian field.

I see from the list I above that several ranked teams have played exhibitions against US teams. For those, I assume US rules were followed.

STM plays games in the US each year.

My understanding is there is a great divide. STM will either beat a US team easily, but then play a stronger team, and get destroyed. (mainly in the 3rd and 4th quarter).

Tough to find middle ground.

But a top Canadian football program.

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At the Seattle center they were having high school football games all day when we there. I heard one American player say โ€œtheyโ€™re nothing! They are only triple A.โ€

Must have been talking about another American team because at the time the highest level in BC was double A. My school was single A.

It was interesting though

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Maybe some future high school players here:

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Top 10 HS teams in Toronto:

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I don't know if anyone here is such a passionate fan of Canadian football that they'd want to watch HS games from Sault St Marie, but just in case, here's where you can watch:

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Nice to see high school football back in Ottawa . . . and growing:

โ€œI canโ€™t remember the last time we had 14 teams in the league. Iโ€™ve been at Ashbury 15 years, maybe it was 15 years ago.โ€

And the Redblacks are helping out:

Landon added the Ottawa Sport and Entertainment Group and the CFLโ€™s Ottawa Redblacks also are supporting Ottawa high school football this season. Two regular-season games will be staged at TD Place and the league championship game may be held there in mid-November.

โ€œIt all stems from the Redblacks reaching out to me to build a connection,โ€ Landon said. โ€œThereโ€™s a game this week at TD Place. Weโ€™re trying to have the championship game at TD Place between Nov. 11-17.โ€

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Sadly my high school no longer has a football program.
In fact, my old high school merged with another high school a year ago due to lower enrolment.

As for the high schools that were mentioned from Quebec, I have never heard of any of them.

Nice to see money going into HS programs like that.

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That sucks. HS programs seem to be rebounding in some parts of the country. Hopefully that can spread.

It's unfortunate and you are right, hopefully it will turn around soon here.

My last year of high school, playing for the football team, we were tied for first place against a high school that had Mike Soles on their team.
It came down to the last regular season game as to who was going to advance to play against other divisional champions in the playoffs.

The final score of our game was 6-0. With Mike Soles having scored that lone TD for the opposing school.

R.I.P. Mike Soles.


High school scores from big games last weekend:

Overall top-10:

Small school top-10:

Games to look for this weekend:

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