Canadian Heh?

Isn't it great to be Canadian? Green or Blue we still can party together and have a real nice time. We are fortunate indead.



So true LeBird.

You're absolutely, right.

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are each others biggest rivalries, and we can all party with each other, and even before the biggest game of the year, and what everyone plays for.

You can't say that in the states. Imagine what it's like during a Yankees/Red Sox playoff game.

Heck, even before a Patriots/Broncos game, when the Pats fans were burning a Broncos jersey in the tailgate party, Bronco fans walked by almost getting jumped, and this is only for a regular Season game.

You guys said, it. We are lucky, indeed.

I agree.
I would have never thought we would see this day when Winnipeg and Sask would play each other in the Grey Cup.
I have waited to see this game for years.

And the rematch in next year's Grey Cup will be just as sweet.

Next to red and white, green and blue are awesome colours!

You have Ottawa to thank for it. :wink:

You're welcome.

It’s kinda neat eh? The Riders our our biggest rivals, but they’re also our second favourite team and we’re all kinda buddy buddy. I loved the Rider Pride social at the Winnipeg Convention Centre last year, and I look forward to the Banjo Bowl every year! I haven’t been to a Labour Day game in Regina yet, but soon!

Us prairie people have to stick together!