Canadian football video game almost ready for launch!

[b]INTERVIEW: Canadian football video game almost ready for launch[/b]

Last year you told me the game would feel closer to EA’s NCAA Football than Madden, is that still the case?

The game is evolving and has its own unique feel. It’s a much faster game than what players may be used to. Much of that comes from the rules; the amount of time you have to pick a play and snap the ball is much shorter so you have to be quicker about that. The players on the field move faster and if you don’t get rid of the ball in about two seconds your QB will come under pressure.

I also want to emphasize that Canuck Play has aimed to create a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Some titles (like Madden) are simply too intimidating to a lot of people. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into simplifying things and making our game extremely accessible by allowing players do do things such as adjusting the play clock (to give you more time to pick plays), to turn off the waggle (so that the ball is always automatically snapped at the right time) and so on.

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Sounds like it could be a fun game to play! It's too bad the CFL wouldn't support him but at least Microsoft is covering some of the major development costs. Just as long as they have a Windows version, let the games begin!

Perhaps after seeing the finished product the CFL will change their minds in licensing for a future version.
It sounds like the guy presented to the league way too early in development - 3 months in probably wasn't encouraging for the league.

Maximum Football.... yikes

Its not maximum football at all. And I love Maximum football so I hope it is, if I can play an updated one I won't complain at all. CFL wont do anything to make one this guy does it hes dope. Good on him! Microsoft is covering a lot of the costs so it will be much more refined, wait and see.

Showing support will guarantee a better game in the future anyways

Wasn't maximum football out like 15 years ago??

Why knock it until you play it.

Because of the CFL non-interest, Canuck Play lost sponsor dollars and ability to have a fully staffed development team working on it.

I have seen the screen shots and they seem pretty good. Maybe a year or two behind current Madden console games, but still very good

He has managed to put the 20 second clock in and the waggle and rouge into the game.

Its too bad the CFL's big announcement was that CFL players were added to Madden Mobile. And when you hear added to Madden, all it is, is a handful of CFL greats that also played in the NFL, ie. Moon, Flutie.... All the rest are just cards you collect.

Hopefully the game turns out to be pretty good, maybe the CFL will jump on board and next year we could see an actual CFL game.

It's better than nothing although the graphics are about 10-12 years behind the current standards we see in the Madden games of today so basically the early days of PS3 and Xbox 360.

These small independent type games might be the best we can expect given there might not be any profits to be made from spending several millions creating and marketing a CFL game for the PS4 and Xbox One. You are essentially selling that game to the Canadian Football League fanbase ( 3 - 5 million people and 1 - 2 million households) in Canada only of which a significant portion are over the age of 50 and never grew up with video games. They will have no interest in purchasing a $350 - $400 machine to buy a $50 - $80 CFL video game.

Best case scenario - a CFL game might sell 50,000 - 100,000 in Canada with a few thousand purchases south of the border.

Will every team get a Kevin Glenn?? just to future proof the game. :lol:

Some teams will get him twice !! :lol:

I wish him well. Winters worked his arz off on Maximum Football but it was the second most buggy game I've ever played. In arcade mode despite attemps to play on at least 12 different hardware configs. I've never been able to play an entire game without a blue screen or game freezing.

I can certainly see why the CFL would take a wait and see approach.

First PS3 game I got on release night was God of War 3 and this is nothing like that, it actually look like Maximum Football with direct3d support (some AA, simple shading).

Frankly I don't really care about the graphics. Good football games are about, solid AI, good stats, solid playbooks and player attributes.

That's just mean LOL !

I think the Roughriders actually signed Glenn three times, but Travis Lulay was signed by the Seahawks three I guess it's not that uncommon. :wink:

The CFL might be taking a "wait and see" approach on the video game. If it's successful then the league could still get on board by licensing the game with real teams and players next season.

The developer doesn't have much of a track record in video games and the league may have questioned how the developer was going to market and distribute the game? And if it turns out to be an inferior product, the CFL will avoid embarrassment and unfortunate comparisons to Madden.

Many don't care about graphics but the vast majority of gamers do. Anyways, it is unlikely we will ever see a major AAA CFL video game in our lifetime - not enough of a market. It will be a indie type of release which will hopefully be available on both Xbox and PS4. Hopefully it isn't too buggy and the AI is reasonably good.

Graphic can't be archaic but look at the number of online games like DOTA with inferior graphics that do incredibly well.

When Winters designed Maximum Football. It was insanely ambitious. four down, three down, easily skinnable uniforms and stadiums. Rule options up the yang to please every league, playbook design tools. But the #1 requested feature by would be fans was networks or online gaming option. Overwhelming demand was for that feature. He completely ignored it. How do you grow your product if people can't play each other ???

The secret to building a football game today is not a console game. Its an online game like DOTA. Free to play, with league and tournament play. I have a concept in my head and it looks nothing like EA sports. There will never be a 20 million dollar EA product for the CFL. But you could make something completely different that attracts an entirely new crowd of gamers that won't be limited to Canadians or family and friends of American players.

Will the game uniforms be customization with "official" logo's uploaded to the game by the public to put in? Kinda like how the official rosters were implemented in the NCAA games?

The lack of real logos and color scheme really throws me off unless the picture presented is from forever ago and there are improvements...

Also, is this Xbox One bound? I don't do computer gaming. (Maybe an exception for this though)

Its a console game. You can't modify anything.

If you read the article they say that there will be a PC version too.

You could make each team editable on console... Maybe not the logos i'll admit. But there could defintely be "roster updates" by the public like NCAA with sharing capabilities where the developer (Canuck Productions) or whatever its called, makes all the ratings that represent the players and teams in the league, and then the public edits the names of the players and everyone can download these "roster changes" so that we'll have Reilly, Bowman, Mitchell, Harris, every player in the game.

I suspect he will allow the players to change team names , player name and numbers open. There will be no logo and I doubt that Microsoft or Playstation would allow upload of any trademarks on their network.

What will be key to this game getting some success will be online match making and fun factor. Madden has become a pretty complex button mashing affair. If he offers a simpler user interface he might get some traction.

I could care less about online play. Madden's online has some lag, so the ability for this game to run seamlessly online is a long shot in my opinion. I just hope there is a Franchise Mode, that's all I care about with drafting, FA's etc. Doesn't have to be like Madden's franchise mode, but the basics need to be down and let it run for 20 seasons or something.