Yes thats correct, even after the 4M+ watched the fantastic Grey Cup, the CIS had their own success story.
The Vanier Cup drew an impressive 493,000 on TSN for a Saturday afternoon clash and ranked 3rd for the weekend. Smoking the competition to include the No Fun League top Sunday game at 425,000 for the Raiders at the boring Chargers Sunday night. The top two being NHL with the Leafs-Sharks @ 1.452M and number two was Bruins-Oilers @ 880,000.

say what you want abou the NFL, but leave the Chargers alone, please. They are a dynasty thanks to My Madden and I.

But that is great news!

KK why not come back from the dark side and convert your Madden game to the CFL version, which I understand is possible?

I'm waiting for a real CFL game, the CFL Madden style doesn't work for me since it still played on an NFL size field. etc.

if anyone knows where I can get a copy of "CFL Football 99" that I can content myself with untill a new CFL game comes along, please PM me! 8)

I read recently an article from Calgary how Owner Ted Hallard is apperently serious about a CFL video game. More so then the previous talk.

I was gonna watch Leafs-Sharks but N.S. had the pittsburgh game. But thta was okay cuz I saw Crosby play.

Argotom, I hope that is true, I must keep my ears and eyes open so I can buy it. I hope it isnt just a one time game, but has a new one each year. That'd be cool.

Wow, that is INCREDIBLE. Great news! I think it's safe to say that Canadian football is alive and well ... and easily this country's favourite brand of football.
Now if only the national media would wake up to this and stop drooling over the damned NFL ...

It does sound pretty nice and i would buy.....but the reason it doesnt get alot of attention by media is because CFL is made with players cut by the NFL. And plus our canadian media sucks.

w00t im back 8)

how do you covert madden to a CFL version?!?!?

I'm not sure if this is the proper way, but I created a team(Ottawa) started a franchise, and then created most of the players(who are free agents that you have to sign). It was weird since they was a team logo, that wasnt too far off the 'gades. On the media I have to say that at least in Ottawa I am disgusted with the coverage our fine CFL earns. During the season only the Ottawa Sun gives it any kind of coverage(one article a day), and its normally only a short article at that. Then when the off season comes about, theres nothing. Its pathetic and it makes me very frustrated.

Roughriding_Renegade, I too would be frustrated if my local media were that bad (that said, they're not far off; it's hard to find any CFL news during the off-season, but our daily, in-season dose sounds to be a little better than yours). I would highly suggest writing a letter to the local papers asking why there is such little coverage, and demanding more coverage. I have no doubt that there's a link between such little coverage and the low attendances at Frank Clair ...

Hallucinat3, how can you say the CFL is built on players cut from the NFL? Of the marquis players that were cut from the NFL (Dickenson, Burris, Copeland), for the most part they cut their teeth on a CFL field, and a lot of the time they simply play better in the Canadian game than the American game (remember, these are two very different brands of football). Otherwise, think of players such as Printers, Maas, Reynolds, Calvillo, Allen, McManus, Holmes, Keith, Stegall, Thelwell, Simon, Tucker, Hervey, Roberts, Stala, Cahoon, Flick, Armstead, Murphy, Joseph, Ranek ... etc, etc. Reaching back a few years, try the Fluties, Garcia, Dunigan, Sapunjis, Elgaard, Passaglia, etc.
I hope Ted Hellard succeeds in bringing out a CFL video game ... I got CFL Football 99, against the advice of the guy I bought it from (when he asked what the price code was for it, he got "C-R-A-P" as a response from a fellow employee), simply on the principle I had that I'd buy a CFL video game as soon as I saw one. Ted Hellard is quite well-off, so he should be able to finance such a game ...


CIS beats , the NFL ...........loll...........

IT WAS A GREAT GAME , just like THE GREY CUP........thanks for the info.