canadian football recievers.

so i always get a lot of flack for watching the "inferior" cfl. I am told that the Nfl Qbs throw balls more acurate and the recievers make more oustanding catches... I figure you cant have both... if the throws are more perfect, the the catches arnt as amazing. anyways, that sillyness aside, has anyone notice that the recievers are missing more obvious catches, but this year, especially the last three weeks, are comming down with impossible catches? that bag catch last week was great. first week montreal against calgary, the edmonton win over calgary, cope last night... i really think the cfl recievers have stepped up to be some of the best in the world

Canadian > Uzbekistan receivers :smiley:

I say the only real difference in players between the two leagues is overall speed. That's it. It's not the accuracy of the QBs or the circus catches of the receivers. It's just the overall speed, and it's not a huge difference either. Even the best throw it into the turf or drop and easy one from time to time. The NFL is not a league of supermen. Extraordinary athletes yes, supermen no. This also applies to the CFL.

The CFL is high quality pro ball. Don't ever let anybody tell you different.

"Hey Yorgi! Uzbeks drank my battery fluid! The Uzbeks are the weak link in the great chain of socialism!" :lol: (I love old SCTV sketches)