Canadian Football outside Canada

Will there ever be Canadian football playedin places like Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Mexico, or even the USA in there own leagues? Maybe during the CFL off-season. Or Maybe during there American Football off-seasons.

good question

my crystal ball wont show me the answer. all I can see is snow. :slight_smile:

I am thinking that anywhere there is USA football will not ever have CF. At least not at any kind of pro level.

It wont be for lack of effort on Randy’s part

I always tough that Ambrosie’s international initiative was no convert leagues from other countries to the CFL rules. I agree that it takes some times but the efforts seem to be directed to the scouting of international talents. Wait and see.

I think it is much more focused one international TV/streaming contracts … if the CFL game becomes popular enough, and Global players offer a window, the local associations might then make the change … allowing Globals the same “nationalization” process now available for Americans might help increase participation.

Ambrosie did state not too long ago he would like to see the other global leagues to play our version . It’s just that it’s too early in the scheme to get that larger impetus of a significant reason for those global football associations to want to change to the three down game .

No way this works without a conversion to not just watch but compete and play our style of football if it’s going to be the international game Ambrosie has visioned …

One thing I have to admit our version of the game is a much more difficult game to play with more nuances that make it interesting but just as well more intricate in frame work .

That aspect will be a harder selling point for some as the US game is a much more simple game in terms of rules . It also requires less field space to play where size of the field maybe an issue .

I think that due to the liability/risk of having goalposts located at the front
of the endzone, rather than at the rear, and related to the larger playing
field, we might never again see Canadian rules football played in the US.

What you will instead see is an evolution like the XFL, where certain
CFL-style rules get adopted to make the 4-down game more exciting.

The NFL now has more passing than ever before, and more mobile QB’s.

Also, due to falling participation levels, there is growth in eight-man
football, for example among high schools in smaller midwest towns.
This argues for an even smaller field, not a wider/longer Canadian one.

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Under the auspices of the GAA, Gaelic football is a male-only sport; however, the related sport of ladies’ Gaelic football is governed by the Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association. Similarities between Gaelic football and Australian rules football have allowed the development of international rules football, a hybrid sport, and a series of Test matches has been held regularly since 1998.

From Wikipedia.

So maybe we might be able to get them to adopt certain rules like the 5 yard halo.

That was and is my hope as well. I would dearly like to see our game expand to other markets. I hate the fact that U.S. football has become the accepted standard of gridiron football in other countries.


And they’re all great games as well!


Money rules.

NFL Europe.
NFL Hype
NFL Propaganda.

The problem I see, is if the CFL gets any solid traction and it begins to get stronger, the NFL only needs to whisper interest and everyone flocks to it.

It happens here, it would happen everywhere.

I hope CFL or Canadian rules make inroads, but very uncertain.

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Already one global player the CFL scouted signed a NFL international pathways contract and opted out of the combine.

Not all of these invited players will end up going to the combine in Toronto or decide to pursue a career in the CFL. Probably more of the latter…

Probably a dumb Q, but I wasn’t that close to the CFL when they had US franchises for a couple of years.

It seemed to go over well, especially when Baltimore won the GC, so why did it fail to fly?

It only really succeeded in Baltimore, and that was largely out of backlash toward losing the Colts. When the NFL about to expand back to Baltimore and the failure of the other US teams, the Stallions owners saw the writing on the wall and moved to Montreal.

What might prompt some Global leagues to adopt more Canadian rules could be backlash toward US foreign policies. If Canada can improve its global image while America erodes its, who knows.

It’s hard to say. We have Aussie rules football teams in Canada.

Yes, but that’s why they are the annual World Champions…wait a minute no one else plays for it!

I would consider those leagues in all those other countries as being semi-pro. Little better than your beer league. As such, they would have neither the financial resources nor the clout to get any stadium to reconfigure the field. They are probably lucky just to have anywhere to play on. So in my opinion, the chances of them playing Canadian football on a proper sized field is nil.

As far as the players’ skill-level goes, the consensus seems to be that none of the global players will ever make an impact. Well, the CFL is going to classify everybody not an American or Canadian citizen as a Global player. The ones who have the ability will likely be the ones who come to North America to play high school and/or college ball there instead of in their native homeland. That kind of talent level as a whole might not happen right away, but it should happen eventually.

Yes for sure how it stands today . .

The CFL should do what curling did only a lot less organic as they do not have time .

Find a sponsor like Air Canada .

Start an amateur international world championship for our version of the game .

Have them play down to ten teams or eight or whatever .

Bring those teams to Canada annually and play for the world amateur title over the age of 18 to whatever . This is where you will need a huge sponsor along with the CFL .

Eventually this championship will hopefully get sponsored in other countries and the amateur championship could be played in other countries .

Then you have something at the grass roots level that can build to a much higher level globally .

Right now the US version has world play at the younger age limit but I see nothing for grown adults who wish to compete past those younger years as university /college in the states is the pinnacle level of competition .

It’s this age level the CFL should work on and see if it then can be pushed organically in those countries by way of a real world title as they are not college bound .

This is the area of influence left open by the giant south .

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If they`re serious about making a career in Canada playing football then they would come here and play university ball. If I were them I wouldn’t want to leave my family. I would just use the Toronto combine as a experience/vacation kinda how Ambrosie uses the BOGs to get free vacations to all these foreign federations.

Yeah, I don’t see any global leagues having the money or clout to build stadia to CFL specifics. But maybe some of them already play in stadia large enough to house a CFL field. My guess is that most of those stadia are for soccer and maybe some for rugby, and I think those sports play on fields larger than NFL fields. And if not, those other leagues could potentially adopt other CFL rules like no fair catches, unlimited motion for receivers, three downs, twelve players, etc.

And as for global players not making an impact. We had two make an impact in 2019. Granted, they weren’t all-stars or even regular starters, but they made an impact in year 1. I suspect, they’ll uncover more such players and they’ll develop into more impactful players after a few years in the league.

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The short lived US expansion, it was perfect timing for the Stallions.
Colts were gone
Baltimore still hungry for pro football.
The Orioles had moved into the new Camden yards.
Leaving Memorial stadium all to the stallions.
They demolished the OF bleacher section.
Enabling Baltimore to have the one official CFL field size.
And it still had a capacity of about 35k.
And the Baltimore fans packed the place every game.
It was such a success that the Browns moved to Baltimore into a brand new football stadium.

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