Canadian Football Network (CFN)

Would it be cool if the CFL, CIS, and CJFL had their own network about Canadian Football 24/7 like the NFL network? I;d die and go to heaven if they did, and hopefully that would help improve coverage in the USA and the world.

I heard there was once such a thing, but it died for some reason.

That would be tough in the USA.BIG TEN AND SEC conferences have there own tv networks.I dont know how well CIS AND CJFL would do in the usa since theres no ties too the areas.I think the CIS schools joining the ncaa is big step in making canadian football on par with the usa.

um, no disrespect mate, but how do you come to that conclusion? unless the NCAA starts playing Canadian Football, those schools will be forced to convert to American Rules, and therefore IMHO they wouldn't be making Canadian Football on par with the USA, but betraying it to play another nation's version of it. Hence why I am against any CIS or Canadian college going to the NCAA.

As long as one can get it on Dish Network, or Direct TV, or comcast, it's gonna get a few curious fans in the USA, and would be a lot better than the awful second hand networks that are suppose to show two live games a week, but towards the end of the season start showing one game a day after it has been played if at all. Oh yes, I have had many a phone call about that.

I wish Vs. (aka OLN) would step up and show at least two live games a week, oh well. Having a CFN channel would be awesome, and the most ideal scenario.

One way we could market the CIS to us viewers is to say it's collage football with a playoff system, some would go for that.

The CFN (Canadian Football Network) was set up by the league under commissioner Doug Mitchell in the late 1980s when no TV network would pay the legaue anywhere near what it wanted for the broadcast rights or carry the number of games the league wanted. Although CBC still carried a limited number of games, the league itself produced the broadcasts on the otthers and sold them to independent stations across the country (most were or became Global stations, I believe). It was nothing like the current NFL network, but I think they were the first Canadian network to have a proper pregame show - it was called Gameday and was hosted by Dave Hodge.

I too would like to see the league set up something like the NFL network and would subscribe if it was available. BTW, the CFL was shown on ESPN2 and was also available on cable networks or systems in Japan and Europein the late 80s and early 90s. No idea what the situation is now.

Well, I can tell you it's not on ESPN2 or Vs. (aka Outdoor Network) in the USA.

sounds like they should have never have dropped it in the first place, as I am assuming they did once TSN and CBC (now gone) were on board. I guess if things with TSN get out of hand, they can always do it again, but they must try to share with the other leagues so they will not have to bear the burden alone.

I bet American networks would be more interested in signing onto CFN than TSN.

Wish one could get TSN on DIRECT TV in the USA, oh well.

ESPN Classic Canada occasionally shows CFL games from the late 80s and early 90s; the broadcast often originated with ESPN2. No idea when they began or if they dropped it after the US teams failed or for low ratings or whatever. I'll check out Frank Cosentino's books (lots of info) on the CFl from the public library here and let you know what I find.

Alrighty, Thank you!

I actually think the last CFL game ESPN ever had was the 1996 Grey Cup, but even that great game couldn't save the CFL for being taken off the air for bloody lawn mower racing.

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to TSN on the subject back in July... I did not get a response. Nothing!

Hello TSN!
I am a life-long Canadian football fanatic... Is it possible to start a 24 hour channel dedicated to this great game? Existing shows that could be featured are:
CLF Classics
Grey Cup Classics
CFL HiStory
CFL Traditions
CFL games & pre-games (current/first run)
Re-broadcasts of current games
CFL Draft Day
CFL team shows (examples; Argos Access & Stamps TV)
CIS games & related shows I forgetting anything?
I was also thinking about the idea of adding what I call CFL Vintage. The very very oldest of the classics. It could also replay entire past seasons (perhaps in the off-season?).

ESPN broadcast CFL games from the inception of the network in the early 1980's until 1995. I don't believe they paid anything for the broadcast rights and we could assume the ratings weren't so hot, or they probably still would be televising CFL games.

In the U.S., they show some CFL games on and on Angel One Network, but that channel is available in very few homes. I'd love it if the CFL could strike a deal with FOX Sports. It really is a fun game. I wish we could see it more often down here without having to scrounge around online to watch.

"All I want for Christmas is for you to go away". An american on a CFL site that constantly posts about CIS teams joining the ncaa. What is it with you? Too much paint thinner?...Sniffing glue again? I realize you don't understand too much about Pride and Tradition because the U.S. doesn't have much of it anymore. But Canada and Canadians sure do! And I believe that a CFN would do rather well down here.