Canadian Football:My thoughs

couple of things to say in what i view of Canadian Football. First off let me say this i was once a Ottawa fan before the collapse....looking for a new team i though i found it on Winnipeg along the way i took it out of other of you guys team's Argos,Als and so on. however i did not see anything or feel connection to the team in Winnpeg. Yet my passion is Anaheim Ducks. my Summer pasttime is Canadian Football and of course baseball.

2nd i turn to Roughriders since the team has grown on me no doubt i am confident they succeed in this year's Grey Cup. I am back for awhile and i like what i see in the CFL and news of Ottawa getting their football team back. I can feel optimistic that Football be it a Canadian game is this nation's summer past time and it shows in the eight cities across this nation. Low and behold it's a unique game that leaves a few things for this league to grow be it Expanison,Staduim building etc. interesting to see what Grey Cup 97 holds.

Many years ago while out having drinks with the boys and talking CFL a fellow in the crowde said he was once a Rider fan, but moved back east and said he cheers for an eastern team now, I told him he was never a Rider fan, he argued with me the fact he once was, I told him no he wasn't, I told him once a Rider fan your a Rider fan for life.

Lets get our priorities in order- 1) Canadian football fan, 2) CFL fan, 3) Ti cats fan!!! :twisted: well get em next year till then Happy Grey Cup everyone :rockin:

And then you wake up from your alcohol binge and repent.

Yes, sadly no one has discovered a cure yet...

Could be worse. They could be Eskimo fans!

That's what I like to hear!

I see most of you are still here since i was gone did alot of soulsearching this summer.