Canadian football media - poll: Lewis wins as "most hat

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Pretty interesting and funny. Members of the canadian football media voted for "awards" of 2006. More interesting ones included:

-Most quotable player- Milt Stegall
-Biggest "phony"- Danny Barret
-Most overrated- Ricky Williams
-Biggest "jerk"- Nik Lewis, followed by Keith, Copleand, and Roberts
-best gm- wally buono

  • best head coach- wally buono
  • best QB- Ricky Ray
  • worst coaching job- Danny Maciocca
  • biggest "bust"- Ricky Williams, followed by Maas, Ranek, and Onterrio Smith
  • Classiest organization- Eskimos
  • Worst org.- Hamilton
  • Most significant reason why league wasn't as exciting this year- rule changes affecting special teams.

Good read-thanks!.....can't understand why Barrett took so much heat in the polls, I've always had a lot of respect for him.

As much as I dislike Nik Lewis's choreographed routines, he is a huge talent and a classy guy and community leader off the field. Why we have to have awards like this is beyond me. Celebrate the positive and don't dwell on the negative. I may be a huge Eskimo fan but I live in Calgary and can attest to the good things Nik does off the field.

He may be one of the most community supportive guys in the league.

Nik Lewis = The Mouth that Roared, or His Bark is Worse than His Bite. :smiley:

He thinks he’s better than he is.

Best TV coverage: TSN hands down.

i still understand why nik lewis so cocky, what has he accomplished, he's got no right to be cocky, he isnt even that good, the guy hasnt dominated anything, he is pure garbage. all seem to forget he did win rookie of the year in '04 and was second in '05 in yards receiving, I wouldn't call that doing nothing (iceman)....but I'll agree his '06 season was somewhat less than productive, is that just him or a result of a receiver-laden team that spreads the ball around?....

i kinda agree with Red. Jason Tucker is in my mind the most talented WR in the league..but when your scheme doesnt give the ball to your best player..he cant make plays so i can agree that Nik Lewis is alot more talented then his stats this season because maybe scheme wasn't built around him.

ok hold up, the guy has been a cfl player for 3 seasons, and all of a sudden he gets a free pass to "pop off" and act like jerk, im sick of his act, at least a guy like Terrell Owens has actually been dominating his league for over 10 seasons and actually made it to a superbowl. Nik Lewis calls himself the "terrell owens" of the cfl, and he isnt even worthy enoguh to even sniff T.O.'s boxers. Calgary needs a guy like Allen Pitts to shows those overrated cocky WRs how to be humble and a legit player.
i dont like him and never liked him, plus that hit on kelly wiltshire was uncalled for and dirty. This guy keeps running his mouth and now many guys in the league wanna get him.

....having an opinion of his behavior is one thing and you're entitled to it but it's clear he is a pretty good receiver.....Tucker and Simon are the best for sure right now....maybe all Lewis needs is a mentor, like Pitts good idea, to guide him...I also don't know how many times we have to explain that the wiltshire hit wasn't dirty, just unfortunate....

disagree Red, you see tons of those situations and 99.9% of the time the player blocks him high because he has respect for the other player...but Nik doenst and ends a guys career..also after the play he prayed to god. then he got up and started bad mouthign our sidelines and jumping around..... doubt the after hit stuff was deplorable (didn't actually see it but enough people did so it must be true)...but there have been tons of hits like that (low) where the DB gets up and is fine, so thats why I think it was unfortunate, but not intended to injure...

nik lewis is dirty, cocky, and doesn't respect the game. Its unforutunate that the cfl hasnt disciplined him yet. Nik Lewis has no reason to be cocky he isnt God