Canadian Football Manager. Good Idea?

So, I have been playing a lot of Football Manager, Out of the Park Baseball, and other team management simulators recently, and was wondering who out there thinks that the CFL would make a good management game? Dynasty building is a lot of fun, even though you don’t get the player experience that the major EA console games get. I know that the CFL has its own mobile game, but creating a game for the PC market, the largest in the world, would definitely be a good way to broaden the market for the league, and making a Madden style game for the CFL would require the interest of EA, or some other massive game company, something that I don’t see being really feasible, since they already own the market on the Big Four leagues.

I recommend doing a bit of a search and joining in on the plethora of existing discussion on games.

It always comes down to:

  • What is the potential market size?
  • What price tag could we put on such a product?
  • What would it cost to develop?
  • Most importantly: Does the [market size] x [price tag] > [development cost] by a significant enough margin to warrant the risk?

I’m not a management sim fan myself but I know of the genre. I’d think the market is likely rather small for such a game based around the CFL.

I could see the CFL becoming DLC for Madden, developers are always looking for new gameplay ideas, but other than that–no.

Are there sim games for teenaged boys about how to manage their lives?

e.g. you wold get points for every hour of exercise or spending time in the company of humans, and lose points for every hour you play video games or stare at your phone.

Get em while they are young .

Any approach to market especially the toy and computer simulation is an area the CFL needs to find a way to market their league .

The Phone app game has been seen to be a success . Kudos to the CFL but it is a limited game style wise .

The logistics to loading players abilities to a sim game are not unsurmountable or unreasonable it’s the market size that scares them off .

However :
You don’t need to be perfect to load the abilities of a Powell , Sinopoli or a Masoli for the season sim to give the game manager some fun with CFL nomenclature rather than NFL .

Who cares if it’s 5 or 10 year old tech that your using as long as it’s compatible to the system of a computer , PS 4 or Mbox . That’s the hump ( compatibility on various platforms ) not the development as it’s already done and will be plug and play .You need to pay or have influence to get picked up by a higher games maker like EA sports .

I think the CFL over thinks things domestic market wise and a sufficient market can be developed with some strategic marketing and some key handshakes .

Might not be what you wanted in quality in the end as the budget will be limited .