CANADIAN football league

what does the CFL do to remain the league to be canadian?? whats stopping all the AMERICAN division 1 NCAA players who cant make it to NFL come to the CFL?

  1. Canada has it's own great players who know the Canadian style of football.

  2. Many HEISMAN trophy winners [or runners ups, BISHOP is just one example] , have come to the CFL and have done very little.

  3. The BIG money is in the NFL.

  4. If we have no Canadian playing what is the point.? It would just be a pale copy of American football.

There are other PRO leagues that have a quota system.........JAPANESE BASEBALL........and some countries in EUROPEAN soccer.

  1. It is a different , is not just most American coaches believe.

In this issue of CFL magazine , American DARREN FLUTIE explains the ajustment that American players have to make to get this kind of game.

  1. NCAA over rated.

CFL is canadian not just the rules, but the history, the tradition, the game, the rules....all canadian, plus the import ratio keeps canadian players in the game. there are plenty of great canadians in the CFL right now

I don't think you will EVER take "Canadian" out of the CFL, even if you do have players from elsewhere. As hellothere and eskimos32001 both stated, it IS a truly canadian game. Invented,developed and honed entirely in Canada for well over 100 years, no other league in North America even comes close. Many a young american player over the years has crossed the border to hone their skills in what they thought was a "minor" league only to find that they had no chance of understanding the game let alone ever playing it well, and all came away with a new found respect for the oldest football league on this continent. Don't think we ever have to worry about the Canadian heart and soul being taken out of this game!

I'm thankful that there are no more american teams in the CFL now, cuz this league needs to be a league of one of the greatest nations on the planet!

But it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it gave another unique chapter to the CFL's great history, and some really to the "horse with no name" song.

definately the import rule!

All that plus your would be surprised how many American players never heard of the CFL.

I remember an interview with Tom Canada (that's why I remember it) when he tell about when his agent suggested the CLF and he said his answer was "the what"

I say we should charge a tariff on American players :mrgreen:

Man… you’re crazy ! :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The way the league ensures it has canadian content is that each team is mandated to have 19 canadians on the active roster.

Well, think abou it, mate. In 1992, Quebec separation was very likely in the next few years, and it was going to that the Atlantic provinces with it, so you have no place to go in the East. Out West (and North for that matter), there wasn’t enough people and interest to consider putting a new team out there (and there still really isn’t). Where do you go? if your a commissar bent on expanding you league.

But looking back on it and what the penalty the CFL paid for it, I would have just stayed with 8 teams. But it was an interesting time in the CFL!

Import / Non Import rule

Besides, most of the fans are just as passionate as the people on this forum. We will ALL keep the unique Canadian rules in the CFL!

Yeah, it was an interesting time in the CFL … it’s really nostalgic for me, personally, because that expansion was right at the age/time when I was starting to get really hooked on the CFL.

Some of those cities worked, too … it could have been done better, and it could have been made to work. But at the time, the cash was needed, and you know what? It did provide a great chapter to CFL history.

Your two questions, my two answers:

  1. As long as the CFL remains in Canada, the league will be Canadian (beware foreign interests)
  2. As far as the NCAA players, primarily what stops them from coming to the CFL to play is that there is a Canadian content rule (thank God for that as it gives our Canadians the opportunity they deserve I digress)
  • secondly, many of the NCAA Div 1 players have earned a fine education from an established school, they can potentially begin there career on the civie street making more in a non football area. I think for most of these guys, football has been a meens to obtain an education - probably a good way to look at it.
  • for those that choose to go North in an effort to catch on, I am glad for their sacrifice, and I always look forward to seeing them play (that is, if they can make the team - first things first :wink: