Canadian Football Hall of Fame to move to Tim Hortons Field?

Another reason to plan a trip to a game at Tim Hortons Field next year?

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Under a plan presented to the Hamilton City Council by the Canadian Football League, City of Hamilton staff and the Hall of Fame’s governing committee, The Canadian Football Hall of Fame could be relocating to Tim Hortons Field in 2016.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the CFL Office, City of Hamilton staff, and the Hall of Fame’s governing committee to create a vision for the future of the Hall. This will bring it directly to Tiger-Cats fans, as well as to football fans across the region and country,? said Scott Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of the Ticats. “This is another component of our on-going commitment to delivering the best live viewing experience to our fans at any sports venue in North America. For our current fans, and generations of fans to come, the ability to combine our live game experience with the incredible history of over 100 years of our great league and its players is incredibly exciting.?

The plan for the relocation of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame to Tim Hortons Field includes making Hamilton and Tim Hortons Field its permanent home. It will also bring back the marquee Hall of Fame game to Hamilton for the next 5 years, starting in 2016. One key feature of the plan will see the Hall’s centrepiece artifacts, the Hall of Fame busts of its members, featured in a state of the art “studio? on the grounds of Tim Hortons Field. In addition, historic trophies, photos, plaques and artifacts from the Hall’s collection would also be strategically placed in fan accessible locations around the stadium.

“The history of football in Hamilton is unsurpassed in Canada, and our organization has the distinction of being able to showcase an iconic history while also moving into the future in bold and innovative ways,? Mitchell added. “By displaying these artifacts at the stadium we call home, we will further enrich the game day experience for our fans.?

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not that I care, but I don't think the HOF should be attached to any one team. just sayin

Its not its just proposed to be housed at the stadium. The stadium is a city run and owned property as is the building it currently resides in. This will give the Hall much more exposure than it currently gets

works for me

I remember going to the Hall when we visited relatives in Hamilton years ago. This would have been mid 90's and the Cats had some good teams. I think the Hall was still relatively busy at the time. I'd love to go see it again.

Is there room? I ask only because in a previous thread I thought there was concern that there was not sufficient available space to house the HoF.

Getting to the CFL HOF is not easy - if I remember correctly. Also, if you weren't looking for it, you'd never spot it. Attaching it to the stadium makes it more accessible to a fan from out of town. I think it is a terrific idea.

The rendering is little more than busts under a grandstand. I hope there's more to it than that.

Difficult to find where it is and not many people from out of town go to downtown Hamilton at all, not like Toronto, it would be great if it could be moved to THF.

IGF or commonwealth would be my picks

I agree this is probably a good move, but I don't like Mitchell's comments in the last paragraph above.
He makes it sound that this move is for the benefit of Hamilton football fans.

Enrich the experience for "OUR" fans?
How about all CFL fans?

"OUR" organization?
YOUR organization is the Hamilton Tiger-cats. This Hall of Fame is for all Canadian football fans.

He’s the CEO of the Ticats. It’s his job to think about Hamilton fans.

As for moving it to another city, the CFHOF is paid for partly with Hamilton tax dollars, and has been since it opened nearly fifty years ago. Hamilton is the home of the Hall of Fame, and is going to be recognized as such on a permanent basis.

Just make sure the field goal simulator is still intact so I can humiliate myself publically some more at some point down the road. :oops:

The proposal for the move is $250,000 of Hamilton tax dollars, but that isn't approved. Mitchell says it's just not about Hamilton?? Yet the Hall would only be open during Tiger Cat football games, that's 9 times a year!!
Also the CFL announced they are going to take over the Hall of Fame.
Because the hall is in Hamilton and the city has offered money I don't think they should own it or that it has to stay in Hamilton.

I think the CFL should be seriously looking at giving the Hall of Fame a more prominent place in Canada where more people will get to see it. Look at the hockey hall of fame in Toronto, it's in the downtown in a historic building where they have just built a big annex and millions can have access to it.
Time to promote it and put it in a major city where it will have more access.

This article makes some good points about a move to THF

Perhaps that changes with more CFL involvement; maybe the league decides that putting on travelling exhibits to get its history in front of its fans is something worth spending money on. The key question here should be if there will be more or less overall public access to these artifacts following the move, though. If this helps get the CFL's history to more fans, awesome. If it means that the league's artifacts are kept in hidden storage apart from special occasions, that's not as great.

Speaking of access, there are questions of just how accessible the Hall's memorabilia will be in a location like Tim Hortons Field when it's not a Tiger-Cats home game. Keep in mind that the team only plays nine regular-season home games a year, plus one preseason one and at most three playoff games (divisional semi-final, divisional final, Grey Cup). If the Hall display would only be viewable on Ticats' game days, that's at most 14 days every year.

Even that might still get the Hall's busts in front of more fans. Radley wrote in 2014 that the CFHOF's only seen a maximum of 1,600 visitors annually in the last five years (with just an average of 2.9 per day in 2013), and it's quite possible to see that potentially topped in just a couple of game days, as Tim Hortons Field can hold 24,000 fans. Still, anything that can be done to make the Hall visitable in the offseason would be a good step. This is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, not a Ticats' enterprise, and it should be accessible to fans as much as possible year-round, not just on Hamilton game days.

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I love the travelling exhibit approach. Very much enjoyed the Grey Cup train a few years ago. :thup:

Let's add a RedBlacks car to that bad boy. :rockin:

I keep hearing this excuse given as one of the reasons for the HoF failures. For those of you who have never been to Hamilton tell me if this sounds like a 'not easy' location.

  • next door to City Hall
  • set back slightly but right on Main Street in Hamilton with big statue and signage clearly visible from Main Street
  • directly across the street from Hamilton Place the main theatre, performance space in the city
  • within 1-3 blocks of all the major downtown hotels, the bus terminal, the convention centre, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, First Ontario Centre (formerly Copps Coliseum), Jackson Square (downtown shopping mall)

In other words within the same area as everything else people would likely be visiting when in downtown Hamilton

The Hall has failed because it is a LOUSY museum, that has been poorly run and poorly marketed. There is a reason some months it gets fewer than ten visitors ALL MONTH and that is because in its current state people are not interested in going. I went once and was out within ten minutes thoroughly unimpressed.

It's embarrassing that the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in the tiny town of St. Mary's draws more visitors and has been much more successful at building a well attended 'event' surrounding their annual induction ceremonies that includes ball games, a street festival etc.

Anything - including a move to THF with some exhibits travelling around the country would be an improvement - because truthfully it couldn't get any worse than it is now.

Believe me Travel if I was an out of towner I'd much rather go to St Mary's for a few hours than where the CFHFM is in downtown Hamilton. I bet it's free parking in St. Marys unlike downtown Hamilton where the hall is. I hate going to Hamilton City Hall when I've had to, parking is bad down there. Most events at Hamilton Place are in the evenings when the hall is closed. Downtown Hamilton has a very poor reputation I believe for out of towners to visit.

Put it at THF, that will be great IMHO if the willpower and money is there to do this, otherwise move it to another city that will pony up.

I've enjoyed myself when I've gone to the CFHFM actually after I've found parking down there which is a complete PintheA.

But the point is Earl that many nights each month thousands of people do come into downtown Hamilton to attend events at First Ontario, Hamilton Place, the Art Gallery exhibits, the Art Crawls on James North. Many nights there are hundreds of other tourists in town attending conferences or events at one of those venues - yet NONE of them bother to take a few minutes to visit the Hall. Literally NONE.

In the next couple of weeks we are going to have thousands visiting the city to attend the various outdoor festivals, street parties and other events surrounding the soccer games for the Pan Am games. Do you think anybody is going to bother to do the 4 minute walk from Gore Park which will be a busy event space all two weeks to visit the Hall? I doubt it. If it was a museum worth visiting that was well marketed - you would have some of those sports fans interested in going to see a sports museum.

But we don't know what effect much better marketing would have unless that is performed so right now we don't have the data, all you or anyone can do is speculate and say it is of their opinion. And that's fair enough. Sometimes marketing doesn't even work depending:

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