Canadian Football Hall Of Fame Roadshow, Winnipeg 2018-08-21

This had to be the greatest player meet n’ greet/autograph session I’ve ever attended in Winnipeg.
Yesterday at the Princess Auto location on Panet Road, we had, imo, the three greatest players to wear a Bomber uniform in the past 50 years : Dieter Brock, Chris Walby & Milt Stegall.

I am completely humbled by Milt’s generousity in signing so many cards for me (including some duplicates for a friend who was unable to make it. In all, 26 cards!). Absolutely incredible.
Thank-you so much Milt, that was unbelievable!!

Big thanks to Dieter & Chris as well. I’m sure this was an unforgettable day for all who attended. I know I won’t forget this one, ever.

I’ll post some images when possible.

My son and I saw Milt(and Damon Allen) at the Princess Auto in Barrie Ontario. Milt was great. My son even went out to my truck to get more paraphernalia for him to sign. He talked with us for about 45 minutes. My son was dumbfounded. He couldn’t talk. ;D

I felt the same way. Not quite speechless but definitely in awe.
When you've got 80 people behind you in a line-up, that type of personal treatment is a rare thing in this day & age. Yesterday, these men went above & beyond the call of duty. Legends of the game & equally legendary men.

For the first time ever I volunteered to help out at the Grey Cup Festival here in Toronto in 2016. Being there I took advantage of the opportunity to get my picture taken with Milt Stegall up on the The Sports Network desk.

Nice, Baltic !

……Great to hear it went so well hoth….True fans like you don’t come around that often…Although I get down on the present club, I still get a lot of exhilaration and hope when I look at the Bomber past and you bring a lot of that here…Too bad that the younger fans of today haven’t experienced the great teams and success us old codger’s enjoyed…Maybe someday

Tremendously exhilarating for Chris to be in the same room as all the Lords of No Rings - Milt & Dieter - plus the big bluto man with a couple (Walby)

All they needed to complete the trilogy is JRR Tolkien, Charles Roberts, Doug Brown & Khari Jones - The Kings of No Rings . . . .