Canadian Football Hall Of Fame @ New Stadium

I know this is premature but with all the chatter about parking and nearby business getting extra traffic at the proposed West Harbour about incorporating the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame either into the new stadium or as a stand alone building nearby?

I'm sure there will be enough parking spaces for it even if we end up shuttling people to the stadium on game days. (thank you borehamgirl :thup: for reminding us of what happens in Edmonton...AND IT DOES WORK NICELY...also for tailgating because there are washrooms available)

Again...I think at this point in time we should be looking at the New Stadium as something Good and perhaps incorporating the CFHoF along with it.

I think that's a good idea. I know that there have been posts on here from visitors asking how to get to the HoF and that would make it a lot easier and probably increase traffic through the Hall.

I know many people are unhappy with the location and I would much rather stay at IWS with the necessary upgrades because I have been going since I was a kid, but I think that people need to get over it and move on. If this location is finalized as the new stadium site, I'll be looking forward to many years of watching winning Tigercat football there.

I like the idea but I doubt the CFL would approve of it as it would make the Hall and one team look as one thing.

There ae reasons the Hall need a New home
Lack of Interactive Exhibits
no Space to grow

If it can be done please do it
Go to the Football of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
There is Model of what Hall of Fame should be.
I enjoy Visit there cause there more to do .
Just looking at Heads all day is kind of Boring even if it is cheep

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame, while I'll admit has close ties to the CFL is not owned or operated by the CFL.

I just know that the Hall would get a lot more use if it was attached or near the New Stadium.

Again, I was just throwing this out to get some perspective and chatter...besides, there would have to be some serious money raised for the Hall to move it too, but I think it is a worthwhile project and one that I would enjoy help fundraising!

I feel between my tax dollars and my season's tickets, I have already helped with the "fundraising" of the New

I think it's a great idea!

Great idea. How about working on a partnership that would see discounted passes to the HOF with the purchase of Ticat tickets. For sure it should be open on game days for pregame visits if they relocate there

I like the idea of it being nearby, maybe even sharing a vast parking lot, but it should definitely be its' own entity.

It's a bad location for a Hall of Fame.....a football stadium always's too remote, no visibility on a normal basis and shouldn't compete directly with the tenant team for merchandising, food and other revenue streams on game days......

stick it in a much better location than it is right now or install better signage and increase advertising......personally, I think it should be on Yonge St in Toronto or Lundys Lane in Niagara Falls.....where the chance at the most daily unique visitors from across Canada exists......

Well, the HALL OF FAME started off next to Ivor Wynne (guess it was still Civic Stadium then) so don't see any reason why it couldn't be located at a new stadium site. Nice day out, check out the Hall, tail-gate, watch the game and then hit all the new pubs that they hope will spring up around the site.

Well, once again..."thanks for coming out for Hamilton". :roll:

Deer obviously hates Hamilton. What can you do?

Hey, put it down on Barton St. in the north end for all I care........I know if I wanted it to succeed, I'd never stick a Hall of Fame at a stadium that will be dark 355 days a year.

but yah, stick it right there if you matters not to me

Ah, c'mon don't be so hard on him. :wink: He is still stinging from the city and planning boards, professional recomendations etc. deciding on the west harbour site rather than his back yard. (can you imagine that??? not listening to the "deerhunter"?)

If the stadium is indeed built in west harbour, a Hall of Fame at that location wouldn't be in the dark 355 days of the year! The site could be accessed from the harbour parks, marinas, Discovery Centre and restaurant areas all summer and even in the winter when the new rink and boutique shopping area opens. It could be part of the trolley that runs from HAIDA to the West Harbour.

Please don't assume that I approve of the stadium location as announced, but if it is a go, get behind and support ideas such as what Woody has put forth. These are the kind of ideas that will make it all work, and after all, that is what City Council is basing their decision on, creating a total tourist, entertainment area.

Problem Deer is that you want to remove it from Hamilton. If you didn't hate the city you'd actually see that locating it next to the stadium would increase exposure and if all goes according to plan the stadium won't be a 10 game a year White Elephant. I know you'd prefer another site, so would I Just don't try to torpedo ideas that might actually work out to make it successful. That just wrong

And if the stadium goes to, let's say......Aldershot?.......Burlington?......Oakville? (remember, it's a Canadian Football Hall of Fame....not Hamilton football Fall of Fame)........

If the stadium isn't in Hamilton? The the Ticats won't get a new stadium. That much is pretty much clear. Leave the city, lose the fan base. At that point I'd still want to keep the HOF in Hamilton because, duh, I'm from Hamilton not Toronto or Niagara Falls. Not Burlington or Oakville either. If they get the stadium I don't care if it sits empty 355 days a year.

We would agree where the hall of fame is currently isn't ideal. However, how would exposing the hall of fame to 250,000 football fans per year be bad? I mean I've been to the current hall of fame and it is usually just me in there.

Yonge Street or Lundy's Lane already has plenty of attractions and yes, the football hall of fame would complement those communities nicely but..

..but how can we start to make Hamilton less of a remote place with no visibility on a normal basis and start to make Hamilton a place people want to see? Certainly not by removing landmarks and cultural institutions already in place. We have to make them more visible and integrate them into vibrant, accessible and diverse communities.

In the case of the hall of fame itself, the exhibits have to be improved on. As it stands, some of the exhibits are printed on a regular ink jet and glued to construction paper backing like a high school science fair. That has to change to make the hall an 'attraction'.

The Hall was awarded to Hamilton. People worked hard to bring it here. Leaders, people with a vision to succeed. And now one self-loathing complainer wants to give it away and wants the stadium idea to fail?

When you think mikey's reached a new low he grabs a shovel for more .