Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum relocation

I see things are close to being done to have the CFHFM relocated to Tim Horton's Field here in Hamilton. I think this is a great move that will surely bring many more people to see the history of our football game.

City still working on football hall of fame move to stadium

A plan to move the Canadian Football Hall of Fame into Tim Horton’s Field is close to being finalized.

Does that mean it will only be open 9 times a year when there is a Ticat home game?

Sounds like things business wise, in Ticat land, are going pretty well. Another million or so invested into THF this year , includes a bar, alumni area and a brand new retail store plus money for football stuff .

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This sounds great. Another venue to attend while visiting Tim Hortons field.

It's a reason to visit Hamilton, other than to see a Ti-Cats game of course.

This summer I will be doing an 2800k+ road trip through several states and Ontario. We hadn't thought about stopping in Hamilton, but now with the HoF moving to the new stadium I think I will drop by. Unfortunately, the 'Cats will be out of town when I'm there, so the Hall better be open!

It's a reason to visit Hamilton, other than to see a Ti-Cats game of course
. :thup: rpaege. Royal Botanical Gardens no slouch either to visit if you come to these parts. I'm anxious to visit the new developments at the rock garden.

Just out of curiousity ....but why couldn't you visit the HOF when it was in it's own building?

I think it should be somewhere else not tied to a specific team or stadium ...hopefully Bob or the Cats don't make one cent off the HOF
I hope the hall does good and has many visitors just shouldn't be a profit maker for 1 team

I doubt that the Cats will profit solely from the CFHFM at THF. Actually I doubt that any team or the CFL or the city for that matter will make any money at all from the CFHFM, it'll be just a break-even proposition I'm sure and any profits if there are any would be distributed equally I'm sure. It's just not going to be a money maker IMHO.

But according to the Hall of Fame website they are only moving some busts to THF not the hall of fame. I don't think they have any room at the stadium for a hall of fame. Other items from the hall will go on the road.

A proposed new era for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame includes a plan to honour the members of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame by showcasing their busts at Tim Hortons Field.

“Our shared vision is to take the Hall of Fame to where the fans are,? said Jeffrey L. Orridge, Commissioner of the Canadian Football League.

“In this way, we can give our most faithful fans the best opportunity to relive tremendous memories, our youngest fans the chance to know and understand our history, and, most importantly, our legends and their legacy the respect they truly deserve.?

League officials have been working with members of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame’s governing committee and staff at Hamilton City Hall on a new plan that has been sent to Hamilton City Council for discussion on June 30.

If adopted by Council, it would:

• Formally recognize the City of Hamilton as the Canadian Football Hall of Fame’s permanent foundation and home.
• Ensure the CFL’s annual Hall of Fame game takes place in Hamilton through at least 2020.
Feature the centerpiece of the Hall of Fame, the member busts of the inductees to a modern new fan accessible “studio? at Tim Horton’s Field, the home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, for the 2016 season and beyond.
• Create a signature Hall of Fame display to honour the members of the media wing of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, with photos, plaques and artifacts, in the press box at Tim Horton’s Field.
• Recognize the City of Hamilton’s significant and historic contributions to Canadian football and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame with a plaque at Tim Horton’s Field.
• Make hundreds of additional Canadian football artifacts, currently stored by the Hall, available for travelling exhibitions across the country, so they can be enjoyed by Canadian football fans everywhere.
• Assign the responsibility for future operation of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame to the CFL, including member selection, expenses and capital expenditures.
• Return the Jackson Street building that currently hosts the Canadian Football Hall of Fame to the City of Hamilton by January, 2016.

Reserve the special climate controlled basement of the Jackson Street building, designed for the preservation of artifacts to museum standards, for Canadian Football Hall of Fame storage until 2025.

“The goal is a thriving, vibrant and financially stable Canadian Football Hall of Fame that will always have Hamilton as its base, but which also engages Canadians more deeply, and in new ways, from coast to coast to coast,? said Dave Marler, Chair of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame organizing committee.
“This plan will evolve and our members and their family and fans will be at the heart of its’ evolution. But this represents a giant step forward from the status quo.?
The 1968 agreement between the CFL and the City of Hamilton that governs the Canadian Football Hall Fame expires in 2018, further necessitating change.
“The purpose of a Hall of Fame — to ensure that our best and brightest are immortal and their stories are timeless – remains the same,? Orridge said.
“But to fulfill that purpose, in a digital age where people and information are more mobile than ever before, we need to change with the times, and be where the people truly are. This proposal does that. It elevates the Hall and amplifies its reach.?

I have actually been there, though it was many years ago and I only saw a small part of it. We might go back! :thup:

I've just never had the opportunity. I live very far away from Hamilton and I can only go there once in a blue moon.

The latest news on the HOF to THF, even if it's only open during Ticat games, at least it should do better than the 2,000 attendance for the whole year at it's former location :oops: :oops: unless they are going to charge $20 entry fee.
I don't think it was free at the old location so I doubt it would be free at the new location.

It should be free, or very inexpensive for kids under 18. Even the adult price should be at break even rates. This isn't a money making enterprise, it's a promotional museum. There should also be promotions to get people through the doors. They could even host broadcast or streaming events from the HoF.

They could possibly get a sponsor for the Hall to offset costs too, something like the "Scotiabank Hall Fame Exhibit"
Adults $10, kids free? a surcharge on Ticat tickets?

The site at Tim Hortons s is was away too small to house the amount t of stuff they have. The old location was too small as well and they had boxes of videos in the hallways holding open doors. To go to the washroom,w as like being in a package house
You g to the HOF was one of the most depressing experiences of my life. The busks sat atop 1980s styled green patio fake grass.. The exhibits were all broken. The one exhibit,I accidently knocked over (It was a large poster that had been hung on a rack,but the grommet had been torn long ago)and there was no one there to notice.
As I left the girl said they averaged 7 visitors a day and that if it wasn't for pimping out the Grey Cup, that the place would have closed years ago because the CFL did not find the place at all. As I bought a pack of players cards and a statistics manual, dust actually came off of the merchandise and made me sneeze.
For the record it was 17 bucks to get into the NHL HOF and 8 to be into the CFL HOF. I left the CFL HOF utterly depressed.

I remember an article in one of the Ottawa papers that said pretty much the same thing. The reporter said that the CFL should step in and move it straight away to the historic Aberdeen Pavilion next to TD Place in Ottawa. They would get better attendance there in one weekend than they would in Hamilton in a whole year. Putting a few busts and some other exhibits to THF is a good start but they are going to have to come up with a museum somewhere in the future

Well any improvement and increased exposure will be welcomed I'm sure by Canadian football fans. At least this is a start, agree, to get it out, even if just partly, of where it currently is located.

Were you charged for the dust , or did they include it in the price ?

Anyway, it is hard to keep up and improve when you are getting 7 visitors a day.
Just no income.

I hope it can be kept saved with the new THF location.
I always wanted to see it, but doubt I will make a trip to Hamilton.

I did get a sample of it in 2000. The Grey Cup was here and a downtown petroleum building had a mini- HOF in the Lobby Annex to promote the CFL and Grey Cup.
Some exhibits were on lone and I really enjoyed it.
Would be awesome to see the whole show.

I had a similar experience. Just one person working the front with a bunch of dusty, broken down exhibits that looked to be straight out of 1971. To say it was a disappointment would be the understatement of the decade. Here's hoping for better days for the Hall.