Canadian Football Centre of Excellence

Does anything that could go by that name exist? There's a Rugby Centre of Excellence at Bear Mountain Stadium in Langford, BC (Also home to the Westshore rebels of the Canadian Junior Football League). If rugby can have one, despite there being very little in the way of a professional rugby scene in Canada, then... why not one for Canadian football?

What does that entail though? I mean what if there is a CFCE in say one city, one stadium but a city with a team (university, CFL whatever) a hundred miles away actually has better facilities and better grassroots outreach programs than the CoE? :?

Beats me. It's just an idea. I think if somebody actually went forward with it, they would choose their location based on existing facilities outreach programs, rather than build something new.

Maybe it's not necessary or feasible, because the rugby centre is probably more about developing players for iternational rugby competitions, whereas Canadian football is purely domestic. Still, I can't help but feel there's a place for something along those lines, maybe not a centre at a fixed location, but a training program devoted to football excellence, or possibly regional centres rather than a single national one (it's a big country, afterall).

Yes, maybe what you're getting at is government funding to bring players in from all over the country and training them with first class equipment and facilities and coaching, for the chance to play in an international competition as you say. And as you say, football doesn't really have international competitions.

You know, this is a great idea and fortunately it looks like the CFL is contemplating this idea. When asked about a future stadium for the argos, Cohon has stated that the league should look to see if they could build a stadium that would serve a greater purpose than simply the argos and suggested it could be a home to a football centre.

hey the nfl folks call themselves world champions, so they must be international in order to say that :lol: