Canadian Football a Peoples History

I know this will never happy but its a shame. I dont know how many people are familiar with Canada a Peoples History or Hockey a Peoples History, but these are Great CBC documentaries looking at the Social side of History, they are very well produced and written. I would love to see a Canadian Football a Peoples History, especially considering the strong social aspect of our sport, especially with the 100 year anniversary upon us.

disclaimer: Just to let you know, I am biast as i am a Social Sports Historian my self so im always for stuff like this.

It'd be great for sure hg but I doubt CBC would produce it with them no longer airing the CFL or Grey Cup.

The book "Sask. Roughriders the first 100 years" would be a great start. Its basically a historical look at the development of football in Canada, as seen through the lens of the Sask. Roughriders. I highly recommend it...its a great read. I could hardly put it down.

Oh i know the CBC wouldn't do it, but I wish someone would. There is not enough produced about the CFL.

There are the Canadian Football DVDs that came out a few years. They're good, but there were only ten, half-hour episodes. One for each Canadian team and one for the League as a whole. I got the whole set for $50 a little after they came out on the internet. I think that the place to go may be the NFB route. The Federal Gov't may sponsor an enterprising young filmmaker to do something like this (know anyone?).

Yes, and it should be done in conjunction with the 100th GC. Would be awesome. I'd love for Dr. Frank Cosentino to do some of the commentary on it.

That is a great idea and definitely a worthy project.

I’m also considering a screenplay about the McGill-Harvard games in 1874.

Apply for a grant. This would be a great idea for a journalism or broadcasting program in university. Would educate some younger people as well.

As a young Historian I would love to be involved yet I dont know a thing about film making, i can just do reasearch, anything to get me working at the Hall. Its my dream to work at the CFHOF

A university with a good Canadian history department, phys ed/kinesiology dept/media arts dept and some money from somewhere would be an excellent combination.

The University of Regina has a journalism department and they might just be into something like that. A good time to hit them up would be right after the Riders win on Sunday.

I think ill send someone in the CFL office an email about this

A university probably isn't the place to get funding for a project like this. What you need is a combination of grants, tax incentives, and private funding. Put together a treatment and pitch it to some producers who know how to get the ball rolling properly. I would start with the NFB, then move on to the TV people if needed.