I think it would be very cool if the Tiger-Cats had the Canada flag on there jersey like the Calgary Flames have on there shoulder, especially since the Tiger-Cats are playing on Canada Day !! :thup:

Yeah, everyteam in the league should have it.

Great idea. :thup: :rockin:

They already have one on the back of every helmet in the CFL. That isn't enough?

It would be great fot marketing the CFL and Canada together. THIS IS OUR LEAGE campaign has been very successful and very Canadian. Patriotism is at a all time high and the Cananda flag on the jersey would add to the leagues Canadian pride.

The CFL is uniquely CANADIAN.

The helmet and the jersey are seperate, how often do you buy a helmet and wear it around?

I think the CFL logo is enough (on the jersey). I hate getting OVERLY patriotic. How many flags do they need on their uniform?

:thup: :thup: :thup:

There is enough patriotism in North American sports. As it stands, there is already a Canadian flag on the back of the helmet, a maple leaf in the CFL logo stitched on the collar, and the national anthem sung before every game.

There is such a thing as excessive patriotism. There comes a point where patriotism becomes contentious and political.

National anthems are absent from club competition in European sports for a reason.

great i dea and have stompin tom connors sing oh canada and the football song

Take the one off the helmet and put it on the chest over the heart !! :thup:

If the players want to wear it, go for it, but, for replica jerseys, i think it should be optional. I hope this doesn't shound bad, but i don't want to walk around with a huge Canada flag on my chest, as i am not Canadian...

Half the players aren't Canadian, too. It's not wrong for you to not want a Canadian Flag on the jersey. There's a flag on the helmet. That is enough. The CFL isn't Government run so until the Parliament starts paying salaries I'd keep the flag off the jersey. But don't get me wrong... I'm a very proud Canadian. I wear the flag everyday.

The reason why the flag is on the helmet is because of the Canadian government sponsorship of the league.

Perhaps you should read the entire sentance and not just what you want to read...

"The CFL isn't Government run" is what I said. Just like the CFL isn't run by RONA.

I read your sentence, read your whole post. Just mentioned why the flag was on the helmets.

I still think this would be cool, even if it is just for the Canada Day game !!

The only time I need to see the Canadian Flag is in international competition or on the medals podium. I don't need reminders that I am in Canada all over the place at Ivor Wynne, on the field itself or plastered all over the player's uniforms.

I don't even need to hear the National Anthem at sporting events.I think it's disingenuous and is only there to add to the visual and audible hype of the event.

Hi Rids.

I just clicked on to your wife’s website in your signature.

My better half is the Country and Western listener between us two and loves it, especially this song.

Good idea tc23! Insead, I think the patch should be on the back, above the names and in the middle