Canadian ESPN high school games!

How soon can we expect to see a top ranked Canadian high school in Ontario playing a top ranked school in say Saskatchewan, playing the 12 man/3 down game?

…like never

Has there ever been an interprovincial high school game in Canada? What therefore prompts your question at this particular time? Has something changed somewhere?

ESPN? another nonsense post !!

Never. ESPN is an American station and Americans don't like watching anything not American. They'll stream the CFL really only to watch their fave American college players who don't catch on in the NFL. A Canadian high school team would kill the ratings much like the Blue Jays did in the world series.

If only we Canadians had more of the same attitude ourselves. With our national inferiority complex though, we seem all too eager to denigrate our own and embrace anything from outside our borders.


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Because ESPN was allowed to grab some TSN ownership they made it sports centre instead of sports desk and TSN continues to show US college over Canadian college on Saturday .

Our CRTC is useless .


And meanwhile the funding for both the CRTC and the Corpse comes out of taxpayers' pockets.


I wish I had sanction to cane whichever bastiche is responsible for that decision.


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CBC should privatizatise and the CRTC disbanded.

I believe Alberta and BC has played an all star football game in the past. These provinces play basketball against each other as well.

Called the Border Bowl.

I officiated one game in the snow. Good fun.

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A fargin bastiche?

They were big into u sports football and it was done very well . Michael Landsberg was usually the host . Really enjoyed the games .

Then someone fell asleep when it came to ESPN buying an interest in TSN and actually trying to get TSN to change the name to ESPN Canada .

They should have never approved it .


Probably a few days after that

That's the CRTC for your tax money.

Wouldn't Bell buy out the ESPN portion of TSN or would that have been pricey?

My speculation it was only about all that ESPN content and the attempt to make it ESPN Canada . The content was cheap and easy to fill up the TSN channel .

Bell was probably happy with any possible shared losses on a sports network and the benefits of having sports content easily plug and play . No work or production money involved in sim subbing a US football game .