Canadian Duality Flag/ and other non CFL topics

I know you guys are getting sick and tried of my boring topics but I like to hear your input, even though we disagree, and I'm going to try and just put other non football topics I want to ask on this one topic.

Anyway, I found this website recently:

I like this version of the Canadian flag more than the current one, and if I were Canadian, I'd vote for it to become the official flag of Canada (that is, after Alaska joins :wink: ), but I'm not, so you guys can decide that issue among yourselves. It would make for a great secondly flag. the current Canadian flag is still a hell of a lot better than the current Australia one, and I, along with other Australians, are trying to change it.

The Team Canada colors are another matter. Though I do see there point and it woulds make for a great compromise, a red and blue Team Canada looks too much like the Habs to me (and I don't like the Habs at all), so that's not good. Sure, the argument that Team Canada looks like Calgary now (which in the 2004 cup was cool cuz it looked like Team Canada taking back the cup, and no matter what you say, they won game 6!), but Calgary should change since they had great Red and Yellow uniforms. I don't know where Team Canada got the idea to wear Red and Black uniforms, but I do know that the Australian Olympic team wear Green and Yellow, why?, cuz that's the colors of the Boxing Kangaroo Flag, so I assume that the Team Canada colors are based on something similar.


no thanks

I think that flag is retarded, as is this topic. I am sorry Kanga but you are not canadian. And untill you at leats live here, please do not try to understand or make interjections on us. That is like me telling Jamaica to put a pot leaf on their flag.

As far as the team Canada colors, it is not their intention to look like any NHL team, and in my opinion they do not, actually the closest would be the carolina hurricanes, not the Flames.

I am sorry but I just hate stupid topics like this

Nope. Keep the flag as it is. Period.

There is nothing wrong with your is hard to find new things to talk about............BUT............we want NO blue in our flag.

Too many countries already have red , white and blue.

Are colours are the same as JAPAN..........

I don't like the look but the meaning is good. Either way it would cost way too much money to change all that....... I vote the EE flag as our national flag :slight_smile:

Also Poland, Barhain, Greenland, Monaco, Peru, Singapore, Switzerland, and Tonga

Mate I said, and I quote "I like this version of the Canadian flag more than the current one, and if I were Canadian, I'd vote for it to become the official flag of Canada (that is, after Alaska joins :wink: ), but I'm not, so you guys can decide that issue among yourselves."

I love to hear your feedback, but read my post before you type, m'k, I like the Canadian flag the way it is now, but I think the Dual flag is better and that is just my humble opinion. NO I'm NOT canadian THUS I have no say in the matter, but I'm free to say my opinion.

Canada's flag is still a better flag than Australia's one, which I hope someday changes to a great flag like Canada's.

and I'm going to try my very best to post ny non football topic on this one, so this will not be just abou the flag.

are we cool?

I understand all your concerns abou the flag, my country's flag colors are also the same as the U.S.A.

but from what I understand from the website, the flag would be the "Red and Blue" not the "Red, white, and blue"

but I'm no here to perch, I just wanted to share my humble opinion.

Hey, at least Molson somewhat promotes it! :smiley:

but now back to Football.

JC Kanga leave the flag alone, can you imagine our poor soldiers going into some backwater third world country and getting their asses shot off because they didnt who we were.. or worsen thought we were Americans..

Crazy topic!

Well to be honest, our current flag isn't that old. I think we've only had our current flag since the 1960s.
The flag we had before the current one had blue in it (in the union jack in the corner)...

But in short - changing the flag now would be pointless.

Kind of like this goofy thread.

what would that flag look like when quebec seperates, or when they try again?

Don't touch the Canadian Flag. Whether you like its looking or not, that's the symbol that represents us. We don't change such a thing.

Yeah, it doesn't look bad, but the flag (as is) is one of the most beautiful in the world. And anyway the only way Quebec will be happy is if the national flag is blue with a white cross and four fleurs-de-lis in the quadrants. I don't think a red fleur-de-lis (instead of the Maple Leaf ... and no I am NOT advocating replacing the Maple Leaf!) would look bad, and what would be kind of neat would be to see a white fleur-de-lis inside the Maple Leaf (might look kinda tacky though, but I don't mind showing off our french heritage).

But really, it's fine as is :slight_smile:

GO FLAMES! (Hey, for all intents and purposes they were Team Canada in the spring of 2004!!!)

The Flames still have gold in them ... and it's still a more "official" colour than black, they just made the C black for some reason (which isn't as traditional as I'd like, but it does look good - and I think it looks better than if the C were white or gold). As for why Team Canada has black in their uniforms, it's more a filler than anything, just to provide contrast :wink: Canada had pure white/red uniforms up until the mid-90's, which were awesome, for sure, but they do look pretty plain next to the newer uniforms with the black ... there's no real reason for the black, other than it looks good.
What would a new Aussie flag look like? (How about a dark blue with the Southern Cross large and centred?)

Don't forget England, which the colors of the current flag are based on. :slight_smile:

How abou this, if Alaska ever is annexed by Canada (which most of you don't ever think is going to happen), maybe this Dual flag will become the flag of Canada.

So this issue is going no where and I have spun everyone into an all new level of p***** off, I'm going to chage the topic to the Australia flag being chage.

My favoite in the new designs is this one:

[url=] ... aus-2.html[/url]

my nicknames for the teams:

Montreal: Aloucords
Edmonton: Energy

Hamilton: Cats
Winnipeg: Bombers

BC (Vancouver): Leos
Toronto: Argos
Saskatchwan: Riders
Calgary: Stamps
Ottawa: Gades or Rens

Is there a Sounthern Cross , as well?

I only know about the NORTHERN.......CROSS which points NORTH and has the NORTH STAR at the end of it. :wink:

That flag already exists in someway - I've seen it at Remembrance Day ceremonies. It is called the "Unity Flag" - obviously addressing the blatantly wrong belief among Quebecois that the Red in the Maple Leaf stands for the English (where it actually stands for the collective blood spilt by generations of Canadians). Having said that, guess what the colours on the "unity flag" stand for? French and English. F*** that flag. F*** it up it's stupid a**. All it stands for is bullsh*t.

Kanga, you should look up the Pearson Pennant instead - better idea, better look, but was canned because people thought it divided up Canada's cultures (it had three leaves instead of one - one for England, one for France, and one for "other", critics said. Given Canada now, that's how it would turn out).