Canadian Draft

Looking forward to the draft. Anyone know when it is??

In and around May 6th 2012 is my guess.

Another reason to look forward to the draft... Jeff Bannon who works for the Bomber posted at the Extra Point that the new jerseys for 2012 should be unveiled around the time of the draft.

An interesting article on Kyle Quinlan and his aspirations, as well as interviews with those in football circles...

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Thanks tangle for that article. Have to love Greg Marshall at Western chuckling about loving to see Kyle in the CFL. From his perspective, no question.

Am I right in thinking the frist round of the 2012 draft is as follows:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Winnipeg (from Toronto - Jyles trade)
  3. Hamilton
  4. BC (from Montreal - Whyte trade)
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. BC

3 should be B.C. from Montreal.

4 should be Calgary.

#5 should be Hamilton.

Winnipeg surrendered a first round pick-probably # 7- in 2012 for the 2011 selection of Kito Poblah in the supplementary 2011 draft.


doesn't it go by year end standings which would still mean Hamilton get #3, not how you finish in playoffs?

Here's a link to the 2012 draft I found; however it doesn't say who picks first and so forth.

Edmonton forfeits their second round pick; selected Ted Laurant in the 2011 Supp. draft.
B.C. gave up their sixth round pick; selected Alex Ellis in the 2011 Supp. draft.

Year end standings and results in playoffs are taken into consideration.

Sask. and Toronto out of playoffs,hence 1 and 2.

Montreal and Calgary in the playoffs but eliminated in first round. Mtl were 10-8 in season and Calgary 11-7;hence, #3 for Mtl and #4 for Calgary.

Hamilton and Edmonton eliminated in finals. Ham. were 8-10 in season and Edmonton 11-7; hence,#5 Hamilton and #6

B.C. won Grey cup,so they pick #8 and Winnipeg #7.


....Winnipeg used it's 2012 first round pick to obtain Kito Poblah....HOWEVER ..there was a conditional pick obtained from Toronto in the Jyles trade...That condition was dependent on how many starts Jyles had in 2011 for the Argos....This has not been spelled out clearly and no official word has been given as to what pick the Bombers will actually receive....It would be nice to get some clarity from someone, as a result of the Jyles trade, what postion the Bombers occupy in the 2012 draft:roll: :roll: ???????

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In the above article: Jyles would have to start 12 games (2011) for the Argos to get an upgrade; Jyles had 9 starts I think?

argos still have their first rounder...

no it's how you finish in the playoffs.

Richard just said that in a few posts above yours...ect :cowboy:

twice is better

Whoa whoa whoa, no it isn't. The losers and winners of the Grey Cup are ranked second last and last respectively, otherwise all other teams are ranked by regular season standing.

If you look at historical data, you can see that this is the case. In 2009, the 8-10 BC Lions defeated the 9-9 Tiger-Cats and moved on to the East Final and still picked before them in the 2010 draft (BC at 3rd, Hamilton at 5th). If two teams are tied in standings, whoever won the tie-breaker (season series) would pick after the other team. For example, Hamilton and Edmonton both finished at 9-9 in 2009, but since Hamilton won the tie-breaker in points (58-52), Edmonton chose first at the 4th spot and then Hamilton in the 5th.

Therefore, the first round should look like this:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Toronto
  3. Hamilton
  4. BC (via Montreal in the Sean Whyte trade)
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
    -. Winnipeg forfeits
  7. BC

For the record, the conditional Jyles pick can be upgraded to a second round pick, not a first.

[url=] ... om-bombers[/url]
Toronto acquired veteran quarterback Steven Jyles from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Wednesday for the fourth pick in this year's Canadian college draft and a conditional 2012 fourth-round selection. That pick could become a [b]second-round selection[/b] depending on how many games Jyles plays for the Argos.
I hope that clears some things up.

Looks about right Gornaldatron: However, Winnipeg's pick in the draft will not be a second round upgrade; stays as a forth rounder due to the fact Jyles had 9 starts, as the deal was he had to have 12 starts.

Looks about right Gornaldatron: However, Winnipeg's pick in the draft will not be a second round upgrade; stays as a forth rounder due to the fact Jyles had 9 starts, as the deal was he had to have 12 starts.
You're right, I should have said, "could have been upgraded to as high as a second round pick." Sorry if that wasn't clear.

....thanks backer....that clears things up a bit.. :thup: