Canadian draft

Samuel Giguere of University of Sherbrooke was second in the vertical high jump and was the fastest in the 40 yard dash at 4.49 at the CFL weekend trials of CIS players. He was second in receiving yards and averaged 19 yards per catch in the 2007 season. He is big and strong and was superb at wide receiver and, considering he is a native son, would make an excellent first draft choice for the Als.

Sam has a relatively short career in football and, would benefit from some professional coaching.

I like him but I don't see him as a first round pick. There are too many good big bodies in this draft for the Als to pick him with their first draft choice. They also have the 7th. and 12th. pick so they may pick him up in the 12th. slot if he is still availabe.

This team needs to pick up a couple blue chip OL prospect with their top picks and with their 12th. pick could go with a receiver or running back kind of pick.

A lot depends on how Hamilton,Edmonton and Calgary do on their picks.

Then there is also the possibiltiy of Hamilton and Edmonton trading their first picks to a team like the Als who has an abondance of NI that are more ready to take the field. (Stala,Fritz,Sanchez,Kashama)are all guys that may interest these teams, especialy Hamilton

XFXTC, your comments are good specially when you list the positive numbers the Als have in the upcoming draft.From Duanne Ford's writings it would appear there are a couple of very good lineman in the draft who might go to the NFL and, after this, there is not much talent. I cannot remember his name but there is a very highly regarded safety in the draft. We need to fill this spot and, I don't think this will come from the present roster. Boulay, if he is able to stay in the NFL, will be hard to replace.Unless this comes from the CIS I believe we will have to replace Boulay with an import.

Dylan Barker is the safety. My guess is he'll go #1 to Hamilton unless the Cats trade the pick. If Popp wants him he'll have to cut a deal with Obie.

I think Boulay will be back. I don't think Barker could start this year anyway.

On Oline there is


two or three more decent like Rogers and another 3 or 4 in the NCAA that did not attend the combine.