Canadian Draft Year Free Agent NFL Signing

Kristian Matte signs with the Texans

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Rumours from the website:

Shawn Gore signed with Green Bay.
Cory Greenwood has Kansas offer
Joel Reinders signed with the Browns

Wow, good for the players. Bad for the CFL.

More news:

These signings certainly take the lustre off of the upcoming CFL draft.

According to, Bishop's receiver/kick returner Steven Turner has been invited to participate in the Chicago Bears mini-camp:

Rather than taking the lustre off the draft, I think it's exactly the opposite because it shows that the NFL considers CIS football to be excellent competition and by signing some guys out of CIS, even though they won't be immediately available to CFL teams, puts their teammates, some potentially of CFL calibre, in a higher standing since, as I say, the NFL considers the CIS to be excellent.

I think it's great advertising for the CIS and CFL actually. And as I've said before, it would be any players dream to play in the NFL at a minimum $325,000 salary, would be mine if I was a university player in Canada or whereever. And if you end up not making it but playing in the CFL for a lot less money, you can say you're proud to be playing in the CFL and going after a great championship in the Grey Cup.

Some of the guys getting signed by the NFL don't always make it and if they come to the CFL afterwards, they are a better player I think for having been exposed to an NFL camp and environment.

Or rather, Earl, does it show, that the NFL considers a few CIS players
to be physically talented with great upside potential as football players?


NFL teams were not so enamoured with Jess Lumsden that they kept him around
long enough to clear up a couple of nagging minor injuries that he had at the time.

True ron, that could be the case no question but the fact is the NFL wants guys who while having the physical attributes as you say, wants guys who don't have a huge learning curve which, to me, means they've been playing some agains't some decent players in a decent league. NFL teams can sign a lot of guys and cut them, they have the resources.

There also seems to be a lot of information being missinterpreted or poorly communicated to the media.

There is a huge difference between a guy invited to a mini-camp and actually signing a decent free agent contract. I think in many case these kids are making rather bad decisions. Instead of paying out of their pocket to attend a mini-camp as fodder, they should use that to go back to the CFL teams who interviewed them at Ecamp and see if they can use that to improve their financial situation in the CFL. But its tough sometimes to see through the mirage...

Tough for sure Hf, that carrot dangling in front of you of minimum $325,000 if you make it can make most kids head spin.

This article by Dan Ralph on the Globe and Mail website tonight is about CFL teams revising their draft boards with the recent free agent signings of or mini-camp invitations to Canadian university players by NFL teams:

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Here is an article in the Globe and Mail website tonight about former Waterloo offensive tackle Joel Reinders, who had his first day at the Cleveland Browns mini-camp today and is still expected to be a fairly high choice in the 2010 CFL Draft. Reinders is quoted in the article as saying that his mother would love to see him drafted by Toronto or Hamilton.

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