Canadian dollar may affect free agent negotiations

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Interesting stuff.

the crashing Canadian dollar will definitely affect the overall quality of play in the CFL as the more talented NCAA players will just stay home for better employment opportunities...

[b]with the poor performance of the Canadian dollar today, he believes some Americans might think twice about heading north.

“You’ve got bills back home. ‘I could go work for such-and-such company and make more than that?’ I think it would affect (decisions) at some point,? Johnson said.[/b]

I doubt this changes much. The CFL is still the second highest gridiron football league in the world. So those who don't make the NFL but still want to play pro football. What are the other options? What is the minimum and average salary in the Arena league?

When the dollar was at or above par, was there an influx of free agents wanting to play here?

Biggest effect I think is that we may see is with FA. Some teams have probably made their best offers to their own guys they want to keep by now. With the exchange being what it is more players may head to FA to see if they can get a bunch more rather than re-signing early with their teams. I think in the past we've seen more players and teams come to terms before the start of the new year and it hasn't happened yet. As for the rookies coming in - the wages will suck with the exchange but they are what they are. While there will be players that balk at the money others will take it, especially if there's a wave of CFL players getting NFL futures deals again this off season.

Maybe it's already being done but having a place rent free , travel expenses paid and meal allowance might help the situation . It would not increase the actual salary cap and help motivate players to go north.

The Canadian dollar may impact CFL free agent signings - no doubt. But is certainly going to have more of an effect on Canadian teams in every other sport - as they all pay in US dollars.

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[b]Sub-70 cent loonie setting off alarms in Canadian pro sports boardrooms[/b]

As the Blue Jays president in charge of the largest pro sports payroll in the country, Mark Shapiro has estimated salaries for the ball club will in 2016 rise from last year’s $138 million U.S., while cautioning that any increase will likely be eaten up by the rising exchange rate.

That meter is ticking down, as the loonie dipped below 70 cents U.S. Tuesday, its lowest valuation in nearly 13 years, or about $1.43 to the U.S. dollar.

In 2015, the Jays locked in at a rate of $1.27 CDN per Benjamin to cover their U.S. dollar costs - player payroll, primarily. It’ll cost them more to “hedge? this time around, and it may not have hit bottom yet.

Given continued conditions, salary-cap levels in the league will be one of the hot topics very soon, and a free-agency market that could well be hit by a recession.

“MLSE is going to be challenged by this,? says former MLSE president Richard Peddie. “Their existence is not going to be threatened, but the Winnipegs, the Ottawas, it does put a lot of extra pressure on them, and does it put a knife through that (proposed) Quebec franchise??

As for the traditional, oft-cited strategy of hedging - it costs money, and it’s a gamble. Estimates, including the most pessimistic, aren’t always correct.

Back to that Blue Jays’ player payroll, which last year, given Rogers' hedging, amounted to $175 million CDN. Now, just a few months later, that same payroll would be valued at $197 million CDN, indicating at least in the raw reckoning a profits hit in their case of over $2 million per penny’s drop in the rate, were this a mere apples to apples comparison (It isn't, and Rogers' media division, it should be said, made a nice $58 million profit thanks to the Jays’ run to the American League championship series, so don’t feel too bad for them - but as Shapiro has noted, such considerations will come into play this summer, when it’s budget time again).

For now, here’s the most recent published player payrolls of Canadian clubs, and their equivalent in CDN dollars at today’s rate:

MLB Blue Jays, $138 million US ($197.3M CDN)

NHL Maple Leafs, $74M US ($105.8M)

NHL Canucks, $72.2M US ($103.2M)

NBA Raptors, $71M US ($101.5M)

NHL Flames, $69.8M US ($99.8M)

NHL Canadiens, $69.5M US ($99.4M)

NHL Oilers, $65.8M US ($94.1M)

NHL Senators, $62.9M US ($89.9M)

NHL Jets, $61.5M US ($87.9M

The low dollar will have a minimal impact. It never caused problems for the two decades before where the dollar was around the same value +-10%. We are just going back to normal.

Anyway most of those who would lift their nose coming north would be CFL rookies, so it might have a positive on the field product by reducing turnover, which with officiating are the main reasons why level of play is down in the CFL. GM's have become addicted to swapping out "parts" to find the elusive gran here and there to keep feeding raises to the QB's and their star players. Those 250k contracts handed out to receivers and linesmen are coming right out of the pocket of the bottom feeders.

Yeah, the NHL teams really take this on the chin. Forecasts are reaching historic low levels, as low as 58 cents (which would be the all time low by several cents). That's back into franchises being unviable territory.

Might be done. Only for the last 25 years. However most young players who do not make the NFL
Are totally happy to come and live here for 7 months , be a celebrity have fun party for $60,000.
Not shabby at all. They spend there money here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Barker thinks it's going to cause some players to not come up here, as well: ... rting-cfl/

For those who aren't making big money and need to send most of it back to take care of a family, the pay cut is pretty brutal.

I'm not going down south this winter... Exchange rate would add about 500.00 per week per person. That's how life goes. They can adapt or stay home. Someone else will take the job.

sure someone else will take the job but it will affect the overall talent level in the CFL when many NCAA stars choose to stay home for better employment opportunities.

to what degree is anyone's guess.

Maybe a dozen or two, players with options or already contemplating retirement. Let's use Chip Cox as an example. He's looking at things year to year right now. Makes about 200k a year. So he has to decide if he wants to play for 140k US or move on. Where is he going to find a job starting out that pays him around 150k a year ?

What's really is going to blow their brains is if predictions by some come true and oil goes down to 10 to 20 dollars a barrel. Our dollar could be closer to 50 cents.

I get what you are saying I'm speaking more of the difficulty recruiting young players/NCAA stars to play in the CFL, not aging veterans who have been in this league for many years.

How can the CFL entice quality new players when take home pay now equates to somewhere around $25,000-$26,000 US which will then be eaten up by transportation/flight/accommodations/food/training and possibly family costs etc?

You do realize I was talking about living expenses not game traveling expenses like flights to the opposition city , game day meals , hotels and flights to training camp , food at training camp and the dorms right !

If living expenses  goes beyond this in the CFL please elaborate as I wasn't aware the CFL pays for apartments rent free etc ...  for 5 1/2 months .  Do they have this built in the CFLPA or is it in individual player contracts ? How many flights home do they get ?  Are they staying in team rentals?   I am curious as that has never been discussed before . That would be worth another 10 to 15 thousand minimum to each player if these costs are picked up .

I think it is up to the "Barkers" to start looking at players who want to reside in Canada year round. More and more players are doing it.

We also don't seem to have too much problems getting rookies to accept Practice Roster spots that tells me that it is still the best option for those who want to keep their career alive.

A guy like Duron Carter for example and there are many like him are strictly using the CFL as a springboard. The only springboard.

Also I long advocated that individual contracts should be capped. This would allow the minimum salary to be raised to closer to a 100k but the CFLPA is disfonctional so these imports wanted freedom of movement every year. They got that...

Also the CFL handing contracts of 750k to front office staff makes even less sense now. So if there is a crisis and I see one coming for various reasons many not caused by the CFL. The owners can get together and clean up their business...

Overall I see very little players can do. A Rakeem Cato (with no degree) can accept making around 60k for five months of work or stay home and look for real work in Miami...

People, US born football players will play the Pro game for lunch money. It's that simple. Lot of these guys have really no job future outside of football. Players are lining up to play Arena Ball at 300 bucks a week. 20,000 NCAA players are available every year. You may get a good player who will hang it up rather then play for 100,000 down from 150,000 but he has already made his money.


Speaking of FAs, I see a couple of then have been drafted into the new Major League Football league ( the last few days. Somehow they are publicly traded (60cents a share!), will be in 8 cities and starting spring 2016. Although they don't know or haven't identified which cities or venues they will be playing. And $50 ticket prices and expecting guaranteed 12-15K attendance. Among the names I noticed were Dan Lefevour who asked for an early release from the Als. Bo Adebayo, as well as Travis Partridge and AC Leonard who were with the Lions. Michael Atkinson was also in there, he has an expiring contract with the Ticats and is a National. Curious if being drafted in that league means he has already committed to them. Obiously this won't be a serious threat at all but interesting to see a couple of CFL guys taking a chance.

Did this league not get its loan thus it will not operate this year? Has anyone heard this I thought I read an article that they needed a large loan to operate the first couple of years and they failed to secure it.