Canadian defensive linemen

According to Herb, 3 canadian defensive linemen worked with the Als,today. They are: Renaldo Sagesse,Miguel Robede and Ronald Hilaire,who played at Buffalo University. With the loss of Robershaw,for at least 9 games,the Als have to find a replacement who can also play on special teams.


Robede has experience and really when Claude Wroten showed up ready to play, he was going down, there is the concussion issue as well but maybe he's another Bekasiak, it takes a long time to develop a DT, as a backup and STeamer he might be ok, Sagesse is young and tough but the knock on him is that he is not agressive enough. Hilaire I don't even remember if he played last year.

To me the most dramatic part of The Final Yard TSN documentary Sunday was Robede dejectedly walking to his car after Barker cut him, and when asked what was next for him, answered "probably the sawmills".

Based on that alone, I certainly hope he gets another chance with the Als.

Robede ne m'a jamais vraiment impressionné, mais il nous faut du renfort, et du renfort canadien. On se jette sur ce qu'on peut, j'imagine.

Mais aucun de ces gars-là n'aura le temps d'assimiler les jeux à temps pour la partie alors j'ai l'impression qu'on va tout simplement voir plus de Stewart, plus de Ihekwoaba et plus de Jones qu'on l'aurait fait autrement, et on verra peut-être Woldu sur les lignes de côté.

Cette blessure et celle de Brown va nous montrer quelle profondeur nous avons réellement à la défensive.

Good to see the Als at least taking swift action to address the depth deficit at DT.

Als must have signed one of them to the practice roster because they've just made room by releasing Jabari Fletcher

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Fletcher was removed from the practice roster to make room for Moton Hopkins,DL,I.



Here is a quote from Robede coming in for his tryout…

The burly, colourful Robédé – whose release was captured by television cameras as part of a TSN reality series on the Argos – has spent the last few weeks working in a sawmill in Beauceville, Que., sweating out his frustrations with piles of unfinished lumber.

“I carry all the stuff that’s too heavy for the other guys to lift,? is how he summarized his job.

The 30-year-old Robédé drove in from the Beauce region, south of Quebec City, for a chance to catch on, and he’s desperate for the opportunity.

“I have responsibilities, I have mouths to feed,? he said. “This has to work, I don’t want to go back to working in the mill.?

I got to root for the guy :thup: Als have a great Dline coach, maybe with some work this guy can contribute…