"Canadian Content" in the CFL

Just listening to an interesting debate with Randorf, Schultzie, Climie, and Dunnigan about a thorny issue that has cropped up, i.e. how many Canadians on the roster should start?

This is a tricky one as owners have to balance putting a competitive team on the field and allowing Canadians to develop their skills in their own country. Schultz made a good point by stating that there are loads of Canadians playing in Division I teams in the NCAA as well as others in the CIS.

This brings up the real question - is the CFL the CFL because of the rule differences between it and the NFL, or is it what it is because of the Canadians playing? Probably a bit of both. Schultz said that if the number of participating Canadians goes down, than the CFL becomes a "feeder league" for the NFL. Climie went so far as to say that if the number of starting Canadians drops, this could spark a boycott, of which he (as an former Canadian player) would join.

I think any boycott of the league would be disastrous. In previous posts, I mentioned that many of the larger-market teams hardly ever sell out although they have stadia to accommodate 50,000+ fans. By all means, the CFL should keep Canadian players (who are good enough, obviously) but strive to put a competitive team on the field.

What say you?

I think Naylor does explain what exactly is being asked, basically it is the elimination of the designated import rule, i don;t mind it.
Naylor has a good take on it.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/from-the-sidelines/cfl-proposal-on-canadian-starters-not-such-a-bad-deal/article1361707/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/fr ... le1361707/[/url]

basically the numbe of canadian player will not change, it give more flexibilty on who replaces who during a game, it's another way to extend the bench. I think i agree with it.

Naylor is spinning the league's position. The first thing he states is that there is no rule that state that teams must start 7NI, right there you know this is a spin.

He throws in a disclaimer like this:

When I say there is no rule requiring 7 Canadian starters, it means that if you had an American who played both ways you could get away with starting 6 Canadians.)
Why not have 6 Americans playing both ways ?

Naylor's take is, damage control by the league.

Naylor also does not address the gap between a starting player and a Special Team Athlete.

Changing roster rules would also penali=ze teams like Montreal and Saskatchewan that have invested in the development and scouting of Canadians.

HIs suggestions that Canadian and Americans compete for positions is also overly simplistic. Teams will take the easy way out and that is to just sign another American till they find someone to fill the role. There are 700 players coming out of Canadian Colleges a year of those 100 have the potential and size to play pro ball vs.7000 coming out of US every year.

If anything the leauge should be heading the other way until it reaches a minimum of 50/50.

Anyway it looks like the CFLPA is going in to these negotiations better organised than in the past.

As an American, I would like to see as part of the new CBA a rule stating that one of the Quarterbacks on the roster must be a Canadian. As much as I love seeing fellow Yanks under center, the CFL has got to give young Canadians a shot at the skill positions. Also, I would like to see them raise the number of Canadians on each roster. What's the point growing the game at the grass-roots level if these kids have little or no hope of turning pro?

Just my $0.02 US

I agree that the CIS grads should be given a slot. Just this year the CIS has great passing QBs.

Spin can also be known as an opinion, the change that is asked is the removal of the esignated import, that was one point the league asked in the previous bargaining agreement adn did not get. Naylor is not damage control by the league, he is a more rational voice demolishing the CFLPA own spin, now debate if the designated import rule should be changed or not. Not if the numbe of canadian should be diminished or have you forgotten that spin. Man you sure jump quickly on Naylor on this one, and i nbever saw you jump on any other that quoted diminish the number of canadians. The number is the same.
You would still need Quality canadians, it provides better flexibilty to your roster in bringing backups during the game, it increases in a way the size of your bench.

That David Naylor article was actually really good. He put things in perspective I think, explained things well and I tend to agree with him.

Some people may feel Canadians should start regardless, but as he points out what's wrong with having to earn your spot based on play, rather then nationality?

The good teams already stock up on Canadians (can we start calling them that? haha)..