Canadian content = great!!


We are living in a special time as Canadians!

How often in the future will this occur!!!!!!!!!!

  1. NBA basketball MVP - Steve Nash (two years in a row and the leading candidate this year thus far!)

  2. MLB baseball MVP- Justin Morneau

  3. NHL MVP = Joe Thorton.

Canadians for the time being rule!! We will likely never see this again.

Canadian power eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Also, 2 Canadians in the Super Bowl this year. And of course, there is a league called the CFL that allows for our guys to play some pro ball after college, in their own country. :thup:

canada rules!!

re-canada rules!!----- not at qb. eh pitty!

There certainly is quite a group of dominant Canadian Athletes in sports these days. Hockey may be our National Sport, but it just goes to show that we are now beginning to dominate in other leagues as well.

It's good to be Canadian :rockin: