Canadian college football regular season & playoff change

Would you guys be in favor of increasing the regular season in Canadian college football from 8 to 10 regular season games, and reducing the postseason to 8 teams (3 rounds) using a computer/human ballot selection process?

Would you be in favor of...?

  1. play the Canadian college championship in the same stadium, on the same day and 3 1/2 hours before the Grey Cup

  2. play the Canadian college championship in the United States at a stadium with Canadian dimensions in the month of December (a month off for both teams in it). The game would be mixed in and advertised with the rest of the college bowl games in the United States.

Changing the schedule would be quite difficult with the way the 4 divisions of USport are organized. And I definitely don't like a ballot system, and don't think it would be necessary given the number of teams we have.

I don't think the Vanier Cup should be played on the same day as the Grey Cup but I would like to see it played in the same city or region a day or two beforehand.

I also can't see the point of playing it in the US, especially during bowl season. I think the Vanier would get lost in the shuffle.

One idea for USport football that's been bandied about is creating a kind of super league so that the top teams from each region get to play against one another. I don't know how feasible that would be, but I think it'd be a great way to showcase the game during the regular season.

Also, I'd love if it our colleges (i.e. CCAA, not USports) actually put together some football programmes so we could really have college football.

No. No. And no.

Btw, the OCAA had a football league for a couple of years in the 70s, but it never had more than a few teams, i.e. Sheridan, Seneca, Algonquin and RMC, IIRC. There are certainly enough colleges across the country with sufficiently large enrolments to field teams, but the problem would be the money required would be the killer. Even many universities with a large enough enrolment to field teams don’t do so.

Definitely money is the big issue for college football.

There is the Atlantic Football League serving as a type of college football, though I don't think it's officially connected to CCAA.

Came across this interesting story about a CCAA school (actually, the student athletic association) buying a CJFL team (Windsor AKO Fratmen). Sadly, the CJFL season will not take place this year, but I hope this model will prove successful in the future and other schools might affiliate with CJFL teams to get a college circuit going again in Ontario.

Players on the Fratman don't have to be students at the college, but if they are they get scholarship $$$.

The CFL should do what they can to shine light on this endeavour and hopefully spread the idea to other colleges.