CANADIAN CFL PLAYERS..........?????????

O.K…it seems that Canadian born players are doing quite well this year!..

ANY people surprize you…??? Any you that you think should be mentioned???

I will start …with …DAVE STALA …from Montreal as a surprize… :smiley:

And …KEVIN EIBIN , of Toronto…seems to have started of great this year…in the first game he had a sack and 9 tackles…

your turn??? :wink:

Stala was the reciever coach on my provincial football team, didn’t get to work with him much because im a Linebacker but i seen his speed. WoW!

I’m gonna go with Mike Bradley, I know he played for Waterloo but not sure if he’s canadian. I like his stuff and hope he is the Esks next good RB.

I’d like to see Woodcock in Ottawa get the ball more often. He’s got the ability.

Mike Vilimek.

In three years in Ottawa, he scored a grand total of 0 points.

In three games with Montreal, he became the team leader for touchdowns! This guy sure must be thrilled to be an Alouettes!

Where did the Acadia grad WR that played with Calgary and then Ottawa go? I don’t see him in the CFL anymore.

Bradley is Canadian, but will not be playing for a week or two. He injured his knee trying to tackle Landry last week. He is a great special teams guy who is a good back up, but lacks the consistency to win the starting job.

Wiltshire and Sanchez have played well to date as has Matthew Bertrand for the Esks.

what about Paul McCallum, he’s having a great year

Yeah. . .good one.

seriously though…Mike Bradley and Kelly Wiltshire are good non-imports from the esks

What about the Barrenechea guy in Hamilton playing linebacker??? I thought he looked very promising in the Saskatchewan game in week 2 I think hes gonna be good in the future

yup, didnt know he was canadian…he could have a future

It says on the Tigercats site that he is (pretty sure it did anyways) I was on there earlier today.

what about MORRELLE[sp] …from , the CATS?

Here’s a question for y’all, whatever happened to Don Blair? The last time I saw him in action was for the Eskimos a couple years ago. I remember when he came out of the University of Calgary he was big news, he did fairly well in the East/West Shrine Bowl and there was talk of him getting signed by an NFL club. Anyone know what became of this guy?

He had a big ego and couldn’t get along with people but he had his moments in the CFL…he ended up in B.C…and they probably cut him…maybe I am wrong about that?

I believe Don Blair retired several years ago.

O.K…the best kicker NOEL P. , and he is also an ,AWESOME HITTER.

–Though he seems to have started a little slow this year, he’s had a great season last year in Calgary: LB Scott Coe, the Winnipeg native.

Don Blair retired in Calgary like two years ago.

I’m not too familler with the Canadain players, so I’m no saying anything.